EHESP- Avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard - 35043 - Rennes

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Discipline(s): Sociology

Current position: PhD student

Diploma(s): Master's

Affiliation(s): Collectif de recherche sur le handicap, l’autonomie, société inclusive (CoRHASI), Department of Human and Social Sciences, Doctoral Network of Public Health, UMR 6051 ARENES-CRAPE


After studying sociology and obtaining a Master's in "Pilotage des politiques et actions en santé publique" ["Managing Public Health Policies and Actions"] at the EHESP [French School of Public Health], I worked as a project manager for the WHO's French Healthy Cities Network, then as a research engineer for the INPES "health promotion" Chair at the EHESP. In 2015, I began a thesis in sociology under the supervision of  Claude Martin.


My PhD research focussed on "les parcours de santé des grands adolescents et jeunes adultes, atteints de troubles psychiques" ["the healthcare pathways of older children and young adults suffering from psychological disorders"].