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Affiliation(s): Laboratoire d'étude et de recherche en environnement et santé (LERES)


  • Scientific Bac ('A' level equivalent), option Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)
  • IUT (University Technology Institute) Biological Engineering at Saint Brieuc
  • IUP (University Professional Institute) degree in Physiological and computer Engineering at Poitiers
  • Master's in Biotechnology and Bio-Health at Brest


I have been working in microbiology on the detection of biological contaminants in the environment in water, air and dust; I am involved in the instigation of methods for detecting these contaminants using culture, biochemical or molecular biology techniques. These methods are then used in research projects:

  • Detection and quantification of allergens from mites, cats and dogs in dust, using ELISA: Asthma and Child Campaign, OQAI (Observatory for the quality of internal air) campaign, school, CEI Study (Study of the evaluation of cost-efficiency of the work down by internal environment advisers at home for asthmatic patients)
  • Detection of moulds and bacteria in internal air by PCR: CEI Study , QAIHOSP (Quality of internal air in hospitals)


Members of the AFNOR T90D "Microbiology of water" commission