Christophe FERMANIAN

Christophe FERMANIAN

EHESP site d'Aubervilliers / St Denis - 20, av. George Sand - - 93210 - La Plaine - Saint Denis

Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 02 24 33 (work)

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Discipline(s): Statistics and data management

Current position: Research engineer

Diploma(s): DESS Méthodologie statistique appliquée à la recherche biomédicale (MSR) de l'Université Paris XI

Affiliation(s): Department of Quantitative Methods in Public Health


After an academic training in life sciences at university, I worked in the industry for some period, then in public laboratories, hospitals and reseach organizations in the field of human health.


Theme # 1: Mental health of children; "School Children Mental Health in Europe" study (SCMHE: 7 countries) and "Mental health of schoolchildren" survey (France, PACA region).
- socio-demographic determinants of mental health
- relation with parental alcoholic consumption/addiction and parental smoking, in connection to national prevention policies
- relation with parental attitudes and psychological characteristics
- use of healthcare professionals for mental health in the participating countries
Theme # 2: Mental health of adults; "WMH - ESEMED" study (WHO, Harvard University): 28 participating countries from all continents
- relationship between religion and mental health
Theme # 3: Environmental epidemiology (Urban Community of Strasbourg)
(i) PAISARC+ study
- influence of air pollution on the triggering of asthma attacks and myocardial infarctions
(ii) ATMOSEP study
- influence of air pollution on asthma thrusts
Theme # 4: syndromic surveillance of infectious diseases and modelization/analysis of data from large databases for decision making.
Theme # 5: Patient safety: adverse and/or avoidable events in surgery and other hospital specialties (in collaboration with HAS)
Theme # 6: Nutritional surveillance in children aged 6-24 months; SMART surveys and "Listening Post" open cohort, Action Contre la Faim (Burkina Faso)


Teaching practical sessions under the "EHESP fundamentals" or "core modules" and Master of Public Health (MPH) training:
- biostatistics
- epidemiology
Supervising students during their integrated tenure (MPH 1 & 2).