4 avenue de l'Observatoire 75006 Paris Faculté de Pharmacie Paris Descartes Laboratoire de Parasitologie - UMR216 MERIT - 75006 - Paris

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Discipline(s): Public health option Epidemiology

Current position: Doctorante

Diploma(s): MD, Master in International Health

Affiliation(s): Doctoral Network of Public Health


I am a medical doctor and I supervised for 18 months a cohort study conducted in Benin in 2015. This study named EVALMOUS (EVALUATION of the use and effectiveness of mosquito nets impregnated by pregnant women in early pregnancy in Benin ) was based on RECIPAL. RECIPAL aimed to assess the impact of gestational malaria on fetal growth in Benin. EVALMOUS was funded by Expertise France - Initiative 5% and the National Agency for Research (ANR).


I am currently working on malaria. My thesis project focuses on submicroscopic malaria infections and their impact on the health of the mother and the newborn. I will use the data from the RECIPAL study conducted in Benin.