Denis BARD

Denis BARD

avenue du Pr. Léon Bernard - 35043 - Rennes Cedex

Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 02 29 32 (work) / +33 (0) 2 99 02 29 32 (personal) / +33 (0) 6 13 80 64 15

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Discipline(s): Epidemiology & Risk Assessment

Current position: EHESP Professor

Diploma(s): Medical doctor, Ph.D., M.P.H

Affiliation(s): Department of Quantitative Methods in Public Health


1998-2011     Professor, department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, EHESP School of Public Health, Rennes (France). Specialized in epidemiology of environmental risks, health risk assessment of environmental contaminants

1994-1998     Head, Laboratory of Epidemiology & Health Detriment Analysis, Fontenay-aux-Roses (France)

1993           Research scientist, Laboratory of Epidemiology & Health Detriment Analysis, Institute for Radioprotection & Nuclear Safety (IPSN), Fontenay-aux-Roses (France)

1987-1992     Research scientist, Health studies Department (Service des Etudes Médicales) within the French Utility Corporation (Électricité et Gaz de France, Paris)

1989-1990     Research scientist, National Institute for Health & Medical Research (INSERM) Network for the Development of Environmental Epidemiology in Vietnam

1986           Research scientist, RISC-Santé Network, Regional Institute of Health (ORSIF), Paris: conducted health risk assessment of PCBs and their thermal degradation products

1984-1985     Research scientist, Health & Development Institute, Department of Public Health, Paris VI University: Implementing the National Reference Centre for Imported Diseases

1983               Medical doctor for the oil industry, North Sea

1981-1982     “French Doctor”, Médecins sans Frontières

1978-1992     General Practitioner and Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Bichat University Hospital (Paris)


Currently investigating interactions between socio-economic status, environmental exposure (air pollution) and health risks (asthma and myocardial infarction, multiple sclerosis) and epidemiological patterns related to these issues


2013-1997        Vice-president elect (2001) and Appointed member, Committee of Prevention and Precaution, Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development (see Reports of the Committee).

2013-2012        Appointed member, Committteee for the assessment of the 2nd National Environmental Health Action Plan


In charge of coordinating EHESP Master of Public Health Epidemiology module M1 from 2008; contributor to EHESP epidemiology courses in general

Coordinator, Risk Assessemnt Module, Master of Modelization in Clinical Pharmacology & Epidemiology