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Current position: University Professor-Hospital pratitioner

Diploma(s): Medical Doctor, MPH, Sciences Doctor

Affiliation(s): Department of environmental and occupational health


Academic curriculum : Medical Doctor, Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble), 1979 ; DEA (Master) of Health Economy, Jean Moulin University (Lyon), 1984 ; Master of Public Health, Harvard University, 1985 ; Sciences Doctor Joseph Fourier University, 1990.

Professional career : Assistant professor, then associate professor at Joseph Fourier University (School of Medicine) 1982 to 2001 ; University Professor-Hospital practitioner at Lorraine University (School of Medicine) since 2001 ; Scientific director of AFSSE, the French Environmental Health Security Agency from 2003 to 2005 ; Head, Environmental and Occupational Health Department and Sanitation engineer, EHESP 2008 to 2017.


Director of ERI 11 INSERM, Nancy, 2004-2008 ; Deputy director, INSERM U1085-IRSET, Rennes, 2012 to 2017.

Over 150 papers indexed on the Web of Sciences (h-index 27).


Member of the High Council of Hygiene of France, then of the High Committee of Public Health -1993-2003). Vice-chair of the "Health security" committee, then chair of the specialized committee "Risks related to the environment" of the High Council of Public Health (HCSP) since 2008 ; expert with OMS since 1991.


Director of the DESS (Master) "Applied epidemiology", Joseph Fourier University, 1990-1998 ; deputy director of the DEA (Master), Joseph Fourier University, René Descartes University (Paris) and Savoie University 1994-2001 ; director of the Master of Public Health of EHESP, 2008-2010 ; member of the scientific committee of the Master "Public Health and environmental risks" of the René Descartes, Paris-South and Lorraine Universities and of EHESP (2010 to 2017).

Main teaching matters : environmental health ; risk assessment ; environmental epidemiology ; air pollution ; electromagnectif fields ; environmental inequalities.