Affiliation(s): Doctoral Network of Public Health


2008-2014: Diploma of Medicine (Pavia-Italy): During my studies I had the opportunity to attend a great Italian school called IUSS where I took advanced courses in the biomedical field. In addition, in my fourth year I spent six months in Marseille thanks to the Erasmus program and I had the opportunity to discover the French health system for the first time in the Gynecology, Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics departments of the Hospital. North of Marseille.
National classifying events (Italy): Internship with scholarship in Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology (2015-2019): in the first two years of specialization I worked in the field of clinical toxicology and in particular in the treatment of drug addiction and acute poisoning in the clinical toxicology departments of Florence and Pavia. After the clinical experience I did an internship in a multinational pharmaceutical company where I learned the fundamentals to conduct post marketing studies in the industrial context.
Finally, from the end of 2018, I had the opportunity, thanks to Gianluca Severi, to work in the field of epidemiological research in the “generation and health” team of the CESP where I was able to familiarize myself with the E3N cohort that I used for my work that, in these two years, was centered on two axes:
The first was to conduct a study on the association between the risk of colorectal cancer and dietary intake of BFR contaminants. This project resulted in the production of an article which is in the process of being published
The second project was the creation of a sub-cohort of psoriasis patients in the E3N cohort through the use of the multiple sources of information available in the cohort. Beside that I started to carry out a detailed questionnaire to better analyze the natural history of the disease and to get in touch with the doctors treating women affected by psoriasis. This work was carried out thanks to the collaboration with Dr. Emilie Sbidian, dermatologist and university researcher at the University of Paris Est.

After the end of my specialization in November 2019 I continued to work in Dr Severi's team by starting the selection of cases for the creation of a subpopulation of women from the E3N cohort to be used in a future project of research.
In March 2020, I started to collaborate with the research group of Professor Baglietto at the University of Pisa on the following topics: Project “Therapeutic Adherence Trajectories to Biologic Drugs for Psoriasis” using medical and administrative data from Tuscany region; Writing of a systematic review on the safety of second-line drugs in the treatment of angina pectoris; Writing of a systematic review on the safety of branded antiepileptic drugs Collaboration ended on 30 September 2020.
From October 1, 2020 I started my work as a doctoral student at the University of Paris Saclay on a project that focuses on environmental risk factors and the appearance of psoriasis.


I deal with psoriasis and the environmental risk factors that may be involved in the disease. I particularly focus on the effect of removal of tonsils and appendix on disease risk, the effect of childhood environment on disease risk (rural or urban environment, contact with domestic animals) and finally the association between the risk of disease associated with chronic exposure to UV rays.

In the past, I have dealt with the risk of colorectal cancer associated with exposure to dietary brominated flame retardants.

Finally, during my stay in Pisa, I worked on the pharmacoepidemiology of antiepileptics, antipsoriatic drugs and treatment for angina pectoris.


Independent user of SAS and R.

Medical knowledge in clinical pharmacology, clinical toxicology and environmental toxicology acquired during my studies.


I have not yet participated in any teaching activity.