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Affiliation(s): Collectif de recherche sur le handicap, l’autonomie, société inclusive (CoRHASI), Department of Human and Social Sciences


After graduating the IEP (Institute of Political Studies) in Paris, I obtained my PhD at the Paris-Dauphine University in 1984. The title of my public economics thesis was "Old age, Disability, Inadequacy: from relegation to integration? France 1960-1980 ".

For nearly 30 years, my professional activity has been alternately oriented between applied research, consulting and expertise on the fields of aging and disability. I have conducted my studies from different perspectives, from the contribution to the revision of international classifications of disability issues to the survey methodology and policy analysis work.


Currently, the priority topics are related to the study of disabled people’s social involvement/participation, based on general population surveys, to the delimitation of the population falling under the notion of "mental disability" and the study of their trajectories (work in progress).



Participation to the design of general population surveys (Handicap-Santé survey, Care survey), of specific surveys (Health Barometer for deaf and hearing impaired) or the collection of administrative data (ES survey)


Co-Head of the EU Populations and Needs Master: "Situation of Disability and Social Participation" (EHESP and Rennes2) and teaching in this course.


Involved in :

-social institution management program;

-health care institution management ;

- health care and social welfare inspector program;