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Discipline(s) : Santé Publique Option Recherche Epidémiologie

Titre(s) : Doctorant

Diplôme(s) : MD, MSc

Appartenance(s) : Réseau doctoral


Medical Doctor
MSc in Epidemiology
PhD in Epidemiology (Fellow)

I’m a medical epidemiologist with more than 4 years of field work, project management and research experience across public and private sector. Between 2010 and 2013, I was investigator and assistant coordinator of European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership project and Clinical Research Associate of 2 years project founded by Bill and Melinda Gate through Malaria in Pregnancy Consortium. I have research experience in pregnant women and children cohorts, in particular on the malaria and anaemia field. I have also a good knowledge in data management, data analysis, Good Clinical Practice, Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiological Study. Actually i coordinate the RECIPAL study (Impact of early malaria in pregnancy on fetal growth in Benin).



Sujet de thèse :

  • « Survenue du paludisme pendant la grossesse et retard de croissance intra-utérin en Afrique. »

Directeurs de thèse : Dr Michel COT  et Dr Valérie BRIAND