Aids to Mobility

There are several aids to ‘study’ or ‘placement’ mobility, and these are managed by the French School of Public Health. The international exchange centre of the international relations department manages scholarships as well as Erasmus (European Commission), Ulysse (Conseil Régional de Bretagne) placements and also from the Ministry of higher education and research. These aids are aimed at students enrolled at the French School of Public Health (French or international students).

For more information, please contact the International Exchange Centre

Exchange Programmes


Elèves et étudiants de l'EHESP
To apply for an Erasmus+ grant, the student must be enrolled on a degree/diploma course at the French School of Public Health. The duration of the study must be at least 3 months or or the duration of the placement period must be at least 2 months.

If you wish to apply for an Erasmus grant, please contact the International Exchange Centre

Download the Erasmus university charter 2014-2020 (pdf, 1 mb)
Download the Erasmus strategy declaration, Erasmus+ Programme 2014-2020 (pdf, 871 kb)
Download the list of bilateral Erasmus agreements on this page.

Other programmes

The French School of Public Health has signed special partnership agreements with prestigious higher education establishments outside of the European Union which allow student exchanges, mainly for periods of placement.

For more information, please contact the International Exchange Centre

Download the list of partnership framework agreements on this page.

International Placements

Students enrolled on a course of at least 1 year’s duration at the French School of Public Health have the option of doing a 1 to 4 month placement abroad. These placements are highlights of the learning experience, allowing students to:

  • Gain understanding of the health and welfare issues of the host country
  • Get to grips with a new local  system
  • Contribute to a research or institutional cooperation project
  • Refine their career plans and broaden their network
  • Exchange ideas with professionals put what they’ve learned into practice, against the reality on the ground

In 2014, 30% of civil servants travelled to 23 different countries, to work in hospitals, health services and NGOs working with struggling populations. To date, more than 500 establishments have hosted a placement student from the French School of Public Health.
Discover testimonials of students placements abroad

Map showing the countries having hosted placement students in the course of the past 5 years::

Are you a student (or future student) at the French School of Public Health, and interested in travelling abroad on placement for a unique experience? Contact us!

Are you a member of a hospital or health organisation seeking to host one of our placement students? Do you need to develop a public health intervention or project?

Take a look at our international placement presentation leaflet (pdf, 673 kb)

The International Forum: an annual event dedicated to international placements
International Forum 2014International Forum 2014International Forum 2014

The French School of Public Health international forum is a true moment of exchange, allowing students who have travelled abroad for placements to describe their experiences, sharing them with placement tutors, professors from the French School of Public Health and upcoming classes. The presence of foreign placement tutors at this event enriches the many debates in which students and lecturer-researchers from the French School of Public Health participate.

11th International Forum session (February 2015)

Next International Forum : 6 February 2018


Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas, Burkina Faso Placement

Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas“As a GP, I’m currently a Master 2 student on the Europubhealth course at the University of Sheffield – United Kingdom (Master 1) and French School of Public Health – France (Master 2) with the administration of public health policies and programmes option. I did my end-of-study placement in Burkina Faso. My research fits into the context of the development of a partnership with the Boucle du Mouhoun health region and in the fight against the obstetric fistula that is specific to the rural Burkina environment. The information I gathered will contribute to the drawing up of a health plan in collaboration with the region’s health actors.

Aduragbemi Banke-ThomasThe experience there was incredible I met a lot of wonderful people. Even though I’m African, the opportunity to see another part of the great continent, to exchange and share experiences, really was an enriching one. Moreover, I had the opportunity to put into practice what I had learnt in the course of the year. I also improved my French and learned a few words of the local dialect – Dioula.

Aduragbemi Banke-ThomasNow I want to go onto to a PhD in the UK. This will be a matter of refining my skills and reinforce my knowledge and abilities. The long term objective is to work within international bodies as a high-level public health expert.

Barka !!! (Thank you)”

Aduragbemi Banke-Thomas, Europubhealth 2011-2013 (Master 2 PPASP)

Published on 26 July 2013