EHESP French School of Public Health, is offering a post-master’s degree course aimed at people intending to enter the field of assessing and managing health, environment and workplace risks. The qualification is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles.


The Post-master’s degree in Engineering and Management of Health, Environment & Workplace Risks (IMR‑SET) qualifies holders as high-level public-health professionals, with expert knowledge of and ability to assess health risks associated with the environment and workplaces. They also have expertise in designing and implementing means of protection and of managing and keeping control of the situation.
This multidisciplinary course aims to provide answers in a global and systematic way to the great challenges in the health-risk field encountered by present-day companies.
The specialist IMR-SET post-master’s degree is recognised as scientifically, technically and organisationally fit for purpose, and also commands respect for the capacities of autonomy and responsibility it confers. Its holders will be sought in both the public and private sectors, both nationally and internationally.


Location: Rennes
Duration: 12 to 15 months from October
Teaching Language
: French (with some parts in English)
ECTS value: 75 credits

The course has a core curriculum with 3 branches allowing specialisation, as shown below:

  • Governmental health and environment policies.
  • Health, workplace and environmental challenges for firms.
  • Public health and town & country planning.

Holders of the IMR-SET post-master’s degree will have a set of skills in common, together with greater depth in specific abilities depending on which specialisation route and occupational project the student chose. This may involve:

  • Identifying and analysing the effects of environmental factors on a whole population and on people in particular occupations.
  • Contributing to decision-making processes to protect against or manage a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Participating in the design, implementation and assessment of organisational, technical and regulatory arrangements to provide protection.
  • Designing and introducing action plans, with implementation taking account of health, social, human, business, behavioural and legal implications, etc.

Admissions Requirements

The Post-master’s degree in Engineering and Management of Health, Environment and Workplace Risks is open to anyone meeting the following conditions:

  • Candidates qualified to a level 5 years beyond the French baccalauréat (master’s degree, engineer or doctorate, etc.).
  • Candidates qualified to a level 4 years beyond the French baccalauréat and providing evidence of at least three years’ occupational experience.
  • Other candidates, subject to their occupational competence having been validated (in accordance with the rules of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles relating to specialist master’s degrees).

Pre-selection is carried out, based on a dossier, and this is followed by an admission procedure.

Career opportunities

  • Health engineer working for the Ministry of Health (those possessing a contract of employment or – after participation in a competitive examination – those with a specific status defining working conditions) in an ARS (or regional health agency), or in a community health & hygiene department.
  • Health & Environment Manager in a firm or local authority.
  • Risk Manager in a firm or local authority.
  • Operational department manager (for water, town & country planning or the environment, etc.) in the private or public sector.
  • Risk Assessor for a state agency, an industrial group or a consultancy, etc.
  • Consulting Engineer working for a local authority or a workplace Health department; Town-Planning Manager or Health-impact Assessment Expert.


Applications for 2019-2020 academic year are closed.





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