Management des organisations de santé (EA 7348 MOS)

In the aim of developing healthcare organisation management research (a topic little addressed by French researchers), a Healthcare organisation management (MOS) research team was set up at the EHESP in 2012. Since 1 January 2014, and after an ‘A+’ rating by the French evaluation agency for research and higher education (AERES), MOS has become the Host Team (EA 7348 MOS) for a 5-year period.

Research theme: Managing and evaluating healthcare system performance

The Healthcare organisation management (MOS) host team (EA) intends to study the performance of the healthcare system according to a pluridisciplinary approach, based on one main area: management sciences research.

Research conducted by the MOS EA aims to draw on management sciences theory. Even if mobilisation of the concepts of these sciences is predominant, the research developed borrows from other social sciences (economy, sociology) and public health (geography, epidemiology, biostatistics and ethics) disciplines.

2 areas are studied by the team’s researchers:

Area 1: Hospital performance

Healthcare institutions have witnessed numerous transformations over the past few years which can be seen in a novel reality in terms of management, and which call upon a new conception of performance. The MOS EA is dedicating its work to 3 themes in this context:

  • quality and risk management (payment-for-quality, use of indicators, personalisation of the service, medication errors);
  • practices from new public management (unit management, marketing);
  • human resources management methods for healthcare teams.

Area 2: Healthcare pathway performance

The last few years have confirmed, with the national health care strategy, the emergence of healthcare pathways, understood to be a set of actions taken by healthcare system, medical and social and social players in order to inform individuals of health risks and to guarantee coordinated care should they become a patient. The MOS EA is dedicating its work to 3 themes here:

  • contribution of social marketing to improve the effectiveness of prevention work in the healthcare pathway (especially concerning tobacco and alcohol use);
  • management and evaluation of patient pathways (especially by studying the role of new information technologies and ‘case-managers’);
  • analysis of the healthcare pathway in its social and economic context (bearing in mind especially how inequalities in healthcare affect and are affected by the pathways).


The objective of the Healthcare organisation management host team is to contribute, academically, to furthering healthcare management knowledge. Another objective is to improve the practices of healthcare players, through publication of research carried out by the MOS EA as part of teaching at the EHESP and professional conferences in which the researchers participate. Action research has therefore been developed in keeping with the management requirements identified and according to questions raised by social and economic players in the sector.


The Healthcare organisation management host team currently includes 16 permanent researchers, 9 PhD students and 3 post-doctoral researchers. The team’s research professors mainly teach at the Institute of Management, but also at other departments at the EHESP. Associate researchers are also participating in the team’s work.

Publications and research

Scientific production by the permanent researchers on the Healthcare organisation management host team for the 2009/2014 period, shows the extent of activity of the team’s members.
Download the list of publications by the healthcare organisation management host team (EA MOS) (pdf, 593 kb)


The Healthcare organisation management host team organises a monthly scientific workshop and annual seminar.

If you wish to participate or present your research at these workshops, please contact Etienne Minvielle or Karine Gallopel-Morvan.

Modified on 8 January 2019