Emmanuelle LERAY

Emmanuelle LERAY

- Rennes

Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 02 25 13 (work)

E-mail: emmanuelle.leray@ehesp.fr (work)

Discipline(s): Epidemiology, pharmaco-epidemiology, chronic diseases, neurological diseases, health safety

Current position: Professor at the EHESP

Diploma(s): Epidemiology thesis, University of Rennes 1, 2005

Affiliation(s): Collectif de recherche sur le handicap, l’autonomie, société inclusive (CoRHASI), Département Méthodes quantitatives en santé publique (METIS), UMR 6051 ARENES-CRAPE


Following my training at the ISPED, Bordeaux, in public health and epidemiology, I prepared my thesis at the Rennes medical school which I defended in 2005. I then spent a year in Burma as an epidemiologist for Aide Médicale Internationale. When I returned to France, I took a Hospital-University Assistant position (lecturing + research + methodology consultation missions) in the Department of epidemiology and public health of the CHU de Rennes, before joining the EHESP at the end of 2010.


I carry out my research activities within the multi-topic clinical research centre CIC-P 1414 at the CHU de Rennes.

Heavily involved in the multiple sclerosis field, I have carried out several studies concerning the epidemiology and natural history of this disease which affects young adults (incidence, mortality, handicap progression). Another field of interest is that of health safety and pharmaco-epidemiology : real life study of the efficacy and safety of treatments. I participate in the work carried out by the French MS Observatory, which is part of the 10 cohorts that won the Investments for the future project in 2010.


Co-manager of the Public Health Master 1 programme, co-administered by Rennes 1 – EHESP

Coordination of the TU "Introduction to epidemiological study methodology - part 1" Master 1 in Public Health, Rennes 1-EHESP

Coordination of TU "Observation, analysis and decision-making assistance in public health", Guiding Public Health Policies And Actions (PPASP), EHESP

Lecturing in epidemiology, biostatistics, health observation

Participation in various EHESP courses : State and Establishment basic sectors, master of public health year 1 and year 2 (lecturing in English, in Paris), master of public health at Rennes 1-EHESP (master 1, master 2 PPASP and MPCE), IDEA training (field epidemiology), territorial diagnosis work with Public Health Inspector Physicians.

Supervision of public health and psychiatry who do their internship in the EPI-BIOSTAT department.

Supervision of epidemiology-biostatistics interns.