15, Avenue du Professeur-Léon-Bernard, CS 74312 Bâtiment Germaine Tillion - 35043 - Rennes CEDEX

Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 02 25 06 (work)

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Discipline(s): Public health (health promotion)

Current position: Assistant professor and researcher at the laboratory Arènes (UMR CNRS 6051)

Diploma(s): PhD in Public Health

Affiliation(s): Department of Human and Social Sciences, UMR 6051 ARENES-CRAPE


Eric Breton MA, Ph.D holds the Santé publique France Chair on "Health promotion" at the EHESP, funded by the National Public Health Agency.  Before settling in France, he acquired a vast international experience in research in Canada, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.


He began his research career in the analysis of advocacy strategies for public health agencies as part of the fight against chronic diseases (particularly in the field of smoking prevention). Since 2012, he has focussed is research activities on local capacity building strategies in prevention and health promotion within the perspective of actions on the upstream social determinants of health inequalities.

Active research grants

  • 2020-2021 IReSP (Funding cycle on addictions) project "Preventing the Intergenerational Transmission of Addictive Behaviours: Intervention Research under the "A Family Affair!" program."[Prévention de la transmission intergénérationnelle des conduites addictives : Recherche interventionnelle dans le cadre du programme Une affaire de famille !] (IRESP-19-ADDICTIONS-04), 98k€.
  • 2019-2023 IReSP (General 2018 funding cycle) project SODA-TAX (LI-JABOT-AAP18-PREV-006) "Analysis of the development, implementation and effects of the "soda tax" applied in France since July 2018" [Analyse de l’élaboration, de la mise en œuvre et des effets de la « taxe soda » appliquée en France depuis juillet 2018], 164K€. Project Coordination and team 1 : Françoise Jabot, Yann Le Bodo et Eric Breton.
  • 2017-2020   IReSP (the prevention arm of the 2016 call for grants: breton-aap16-prev-16) project CLoterreS [Local strategies for primary prevention and health promotion: the local health contracts as devices for implementing regional policies at the local level.] (200K€).


He sits on:

  • the High Council for Public Health (HCSP)
  • the Scientific Commission of the University Network for Education and Health (UNIRES)
  • Editorial Board of Health Education & Behavior as Associated Editor
  • Surveillance board of the Regional Health Agency of Brittany


  • Coordination of the Health Promotion Certificate
  • Coordinator of two MPH modules for international students (“Health promotion and health education” and “Health promotion and disease prevention program and policy planning”)
  • Coordinator of three modules for the French MPH.