Head of department and members

Jean-Marie André is currently in charge of the department, seconded by two deputy heads : Françoise Jabot and Karine Lefeuvre.

Jean-Marie André

Jean-Marie André

Head of the SHS department since December 2011, he is a social protection and health economist, and has been a lecturer-researcher at EHESP since 1997. Prior to this, he held management positions at the Union Grand Ouest de la Mutualité Social Agricole (MSA) – a campaigning and training organization focused on issues of social protection. Parallel to his role as Head of Department, his work particularly addresses matters related to health risk coverage, and the questions this raises in terms of access to healthcare. His research activities are based at the Centre de Recherche sur l’Action Publique en Europe (ARENES-Crape) – UMR CNRS 6051, of which he has been a member since 2011. Go to his personal webpage

Françoise Jabot

Ph.D. in public health and medicine, holder of a diploma of advanced studies in anthropology, she has been a research professor at EHESP since 2002. She teaches and conducts research on health policies, evaluation and the health impact assessment approach. It is attached to the UMR CNRS 6051 associating the CNRS, the University of Rennes 1, the IEP of Rennes and the EHESP School of Public Health. She regularly participates in national and international working groups. She is a member of the French Evaluation Society and has led a six-year working group on health assessment. She is also the deputy editor of the journal “Santé Publique”.. Go to her personal webpage


Karine Lefeuvre

Karine Lefeuvre-Darnajou

Doctor in private law, author of a thesis on “The pre-incapacitation of vulnerable adults”, and professor at EHESP since 2007, she teaches on the rights of users of health, social and medical-social establishments, and the question of legal protection of vulnerable adults. Co-head of the EHESP Diploma: “Director of EHPAD (dependent elder care facility) and User Rights”. Substitute member of the Administrative Council for the college of lecturer-researchers holding a PhD or HDR (accreditation to supervise research) and member of the Space for Ethical Thought about Alzheimer’s Disease (EREMA, Rennes). Research activity within the Western Institute of Law and European Studies (IODE, UMR CNRS 6262 at Rennes I University): abuse in institutions and implementation of the reform system for the legal protection of adults. See her CV


See the list of the teaching staff, research officers and PhD students of the department


The department’s activities concern public policies developed in the field of healthcare and social work on the basis of insights arising out of the human and social sciences: policy and program design, implementation by the various actors involved, regulatory process, and evaluation.

Research and Expertise

Vulnerabilities and social ties Principally integrated to the theme: “Chronic Disease, Mental Health, Disability and Ageing”

Vulnérabilité et lien social

Social determinants and health promotion
Principally integrated to the theme: “Public Policies and Health Promotion”

Analysis of Social and Health Policies
Principally integrated to the theme: “Public Policies and Health Promotion”

Actors and Operational Dynamics in the Social and Health System
Principally integrated to the theme: “Social and Health Professionals: quality of practice”

Collaboration with the UMRs

The research activities form part of the department although they are often developed within accredited units. The teaching staff of the department are associated with several mixed research units such as:

Presentation of the department’s chairs

The department of Human and Social Sciences and Health Behaviour also welcomes a number of chairs:


Diploma Programs

The Department is associated with:

  • the professional specialisation course “Health promotion, management of health and welfare services” of the public health Master of the Paris XI University of Medicine (in collaboration with Paris V, Paris XII and Versailles Saint-Quentin),
  • the “International economics and strategies” Master of Grenoble 2 Pierre Mendès France University,
  • the “Analysis and management of health establishments” Master of Paris VII Denis Diderot University, etc.

Institute-specific diplomas

Civil Service Executive Degree Programs

The department takes an active part in numerous civil service executive degree programs at the EHESP:

Main aspects of the professional development courses


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