UMR (Unités Mixtes de Recherche – Mixed Research Units)

Institut de recherche en santé environnement et travail (Health, Environment and Work Research Institute – UMR 1085 IRSET)

IRSET is a mixed research unit bringing together INSERM, Université Rennes 1, Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Rennes and EHESP. Located in Rennes, it is one of the major interdisciplinary research clusters in France dealing with risks related to the environment and work. Its main objective is to understand the effects of environmental, chemical, biological and physical factors on human health.

IRSET has 3 research groups:

  • Environmental stress, infection, signalling and cancer
  • Endocrinology, reproduction and development
  • Genomics, proteomics, microbiology and analytical chemistry

LERES is one of the IRSET platforms, and researchers at the Health-Environment-Work and Sanitary Engineering Department (DSETGS – Département santé-environnement-travail et génie sanitaire) are members of an IRSET team.
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Centre de recherche sur l’action politique en Europe (Research Centre on Policy Actions in Europe – UMR 6051 ARENES-Crape)

ARENES-Crape is a mixed research unit bringing together CNRS, Université de Rennes 1, IEP de Rennes and EHESP. Located in Rennes, it carries out research using several disciplines: political science, sociology, information and communication sciences, management sciences and history.
ARENES-Crape has 3 teams:

  • Health, risk and uncertainty management
  • Journalism and public sphere
  • Mobilisations, citizenship and political life

The research professors at EHESP who are ARENES-Crape members mainly come from the Department of Human and Social Sciences (SHS – Département des sciences humaines et sociales) and belong to the “Health, Risk and Uncertainty Management” team.
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Host team

The Healthcare organisation management host team (EA 7348 MOS – Management des Organisations de Santé – Healthcare Organisation Management)

In pursuit of the goal of developing research in healthcare organisation management (a topic rarely dealt with by French research teams), EHESP supports MOS host team (Management des organisations de santé – Healthcare Organisation Management).

2 areas are studied by the team’s researchers:

  • Hospital performances
  • Healthcare pathway performance

This emerging team is headed by Etienne Minvielle, Professor of Management Sciences at EHESP and is co-directed by Karine Gallopel-Morvan, senior lecturer accredited to direct research in Management Sciences at EHESP.
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Published on 14 October 2013