Coopération internationale

The French School of Public Health offers its savoir-faire and expertise in public health to countries and institutions seeking to develop their healthcare system and social protection systems.
It offers support and guidance in building partner capacities and the development of new competences in third countries through its training design expertise and strategic consultancy (drawing up and implementing specific trainingprogrammes, offering technical support abroad, organisation of study tours, hosting international delegations, etc.).

The Spirit of Cooperation

The French School of Public Health carries out actions in favour of the transfer and capitalization of savoir-faire. This is not a matter of standing in for local actors (to teach, organise, manage, etc.) but rather of supporting the development of their own human resources, in their own specific context.
A successful cooperation programme is undoubtedly one that stops as soon as local partners are capable of taking over the training of their own professionals. Training design advice  is usually given in situ, through a selected team of technical experts from the two countries led by an experienced professional designated by the school.

Recognised skill centres

The French School of Public Health has an excellent reputation for the training of professionals with high-level responsibilities in the health and welfare fields. Here are our main areas of expertise: management of health and welfare establishments, health and welfare policies, inspection practice, assessment, audit and inspection, environmental health and health engineering, drug management as well as risk management.

A few examples of cooperation

Central Africa


PRO6PAC 1st steering committee – 2020

EHESP is currently supporting the Inter-State Centre for Higher Education in Public Health of Central Africa (CIESPAC), a partner of the school since 2017, thanks to funding from the French Development Agency (AFD). CIESPAC trains public health professionals from the six countries of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). The support project, called PRO6PAC, includes three components for the development of CIESPAC: the definition and management of a strategic plan for the institution, the strengthening of the pedagogical team and pedagogical resources, and the upgrading of equipment and infrastructures. This project began in 2020 and will end in 2022.



Séminaire à Alger - Avril 2013

ENMAS – Algiers

The collaboration with the Ecole nationale de management et de l’administration de la santé (ENMAS) facilitates the transfer of key skills. The French School of Public Health educates trainers, supports professional development programs and oversees the creation of an IT platform.




Training session – 2019

The French Development Agency (AFD), in partnership with the World Bank, is supporting the Chinese government in the implementation of a program for the management of the aging population in the province of Guizhou led by the province’s Department of Civil Affairs (DoCA). Under the guidance of Expertise France, EHESP is providing training for the directors of the establishments with the objective of training 90 teachers who will in turn train a final target of 900 directors.




Côte d’Ivoire

Training session – 2018

The French Development Agency (AFD) asked Expertise France (EF) to develop a project to strengthen hospital management and inspection-control capacities in Côte d’Ivoire, with funding from a Debt Reduction and Development Contract (C2D) signed with the Ivorian government. EHESP was involved in two components (“Inspection” and “Hospital Reform”) between December 2016 and December 2018 and provided training for inspectors as well as continuing education for hospital managers.




Institutional mission in Vietnam – 2016

Since 2010, EHESP has been involved in the construction and implementation of a training program for Vietnamese hospital managers in the Ho Chi Minh City area, in partnership with the city’s Health Services and the Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine (UPNT). This commitment has resulted in six training sessions from 2011 to 2020, meaning 110 hospital managers were trained thanks to the cooperation between the Vietnamese and the French teachers.

EHESP’s commitment has extended to the national level and in particular to Hanoi. At the Hanoi Medical University (UMH), from 2015 to 2016, the School supported teacher-trainers in the development of a hospital management training program. In 2016 and 2017, EHESP also collaborated with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and the Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH) to advise them on the development of a national training program for health inspectors and health facility managers.



Sofia PESCA MURCIA – International cooperation projects officer


Modified on 11 May 2021