Research policy

The research policy is established by the Scientific Council and submitted to the Board of Directors.

Coordinated by the Department of Research, the Scientific Council rules on all questions affecting research.
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The research work carried out at the EHESP fall within the following 6 fields of research and expertise:

Research structures

The EHESP’s research activities mainly take place within 4 accredited units: 2 mixed research units (UMR) and 2 host teams (HT).

Also, the research staff work in 4 departments (with chair position) and in an Environment and Health Design and Research Laboratory (LERES).

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Research department

The research department is entrusted with a strategic task at the service of development, structuring and commercialisation of the school’s research and expertise. It is strongly involved in the university and institution communities to which EHESP belongs.

The general mission of the Research department is drafting and implementing the research and expertise strategy of the EHESP, in synergy with the other components of the school and its partners.

It relies on an office of research contracts and cooperation (BAC from the French), which seeks to inform, assist and advice the school personnel in the response to national and international calls for tender especially within the framework of the development of its scientific policy in France and abroad. The BAC is responsible for the financial and administrative follow-up of research and expertise contracts after their signature. It is also responsible for European policy and commercialisation.

The Research department implements the research and scientific policy of the EHESP and follows the research policies of EHESP partners.

It regulates and implements the training schemes supported by public health research and weekly seminars, while ensuring that the Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching (ICTT) are integrated in each of the schemes.

Finally, it oversees a Public health doctoral network, which includes approximately 80 Ph.D. Students, with the objective of facilitating a multi-disciplinary training of Ph.D. students and developing their inter-disciplinary and international practice, to achieve in the long-term the advent of a community of professionals and researchers that share a common public health culture.


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