The EHESP School of Public Health coordinates a national network promoting sharing of resources and activities of various competent public and private organisations in the aim of developing a training offer in the various fields of public health. The EHESP trains senior health and welfare executives in France and internationally. It offers training courses for healthcare professionals (hospital directors, health establishment directors, social and medical-social centres, etc.), master’s degrees, post masters and PhD courses along with a comprehensive career-long training offer.


Teaching at the EHESP is structured around 4 departments working in favour of development of research and expertise in public health. Working in the departments are research professorsdesign and research engineers, and PhDs.

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Studies division

The studies division is one of the two strategic divisions at the EHESP School of Public Health.

It has the following missions:

  • Coordinate change in the EHESP’s training policy (initial and career-long) and in the definition of the areas for development with the departments, functional divisions and support services
  • Encourage teaching innovation in training
  • Promote links between training and research, in synergy with the EHESP research division
  • Boost a shared dynamic for an inclusive campus policy through coordination of school experts (disability, equal opportunities for men and women etc.)


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Modified on 5 February 2020