Administrative council

The administrative council determines the general policy of the establishment and the training and research orientations. It is chaired by Pascale JOLLIET and the vice presidency is assured by Philippe SUDREAU.

The scope of the administrative council covers:

  • The general orientations of the school, research policy and the definition of the school’s objectives and resources;
  • The training courses provided and the creation of diplomas, after discussion with the educational council ;
  • The policy for research jobs and recruitment of lecturers;
  • The creation or closure of institutes, joint departments and services as well, if appropriate, as the creation of an operational industrial and commercial service for managing activities of which it approves the statutes;
  • The budget and, if appropriate, modifications to the budget, the accounts and the assignment of the profits;
  • The rules of conduct and entrance and diploma eligibility rules;
  • The appointment of engineers, administrative and technical personnel and other staff;
  • The general employment conditions for part-time and replacement staff;
  • Purchase, sale and exchange of buildings;
  • Building leases and rentals;
  • Contributions from users;
  • Loans;
  • Acceptance of donations and endowments;
  • Participation in organisations with legal status;
  • Contracts and agreements;
  • Court actions and legal transactions as well as recourse to arbitration in case of action arising from the execution of contracts with foreign organisations;
  • The annual report presented by the director.

Composition (pdf, 204 kb)
Read the minutes of the administrative council

Scientific council

The scope of the scientific council covers:

  • Defining the objectives and resources;
  • Creating or closing research departments and creating an operational industrial and commercial service;
  • Awarding research credits;
  • The training programme, creating or discontinuing diplomas.

Composition (pdf, 76 kb)
Read the minutes of the scientific council

Education council

The scope of the education council covers:

  • The training programme and creating or discontinuing diplomas;
  • The scholarity rules which includes the examination procedures;
  • The school’s internal rules;
  • The allocation of teaching jobs.

Composition (pdf, 546 kb)
Read the minutes of the education council

Modified on 23 May 2024