On 31 May 2018, on World No Tobacco Day, the EHESP School of Public Health in Rennes becomes a smoke-free campus.

Smoking is the first cause of mortality in France, a nationwide specificity. The EHESP, as a public health school, has been developing anti-smoking actions for several years. In this context, the institution has committed to setting up a smoke-free campus on 31 May 2018, on World No Tobacco Day.

Fight against smoking: the EHESP’s actions

Even if there are smoke-free campuses abroad, the EHESP appears to be the first teaching and research institution in France to take such an initiative.

Addiction prevention is based on two cornerstones: information and individual counselling. In 2015, the EHESP took this double initiative by setting up prevention actions, including on passive smoking:

  • designation of smoking areas away from the school’s entrances
  • involvement in the nationwide “smoke-free month” in 2016 and 2017 inciting and supporting smokers, staff and/or students, to reduce or discontinue their consumption, and in which an increasing number of people participated

These systems were assessed in order to prepare the way for a smoke-free campus.

Download the smoking areas map on the Rennes site (png, 644 ko)

Towards a smoke-free campus…

Until 31 May 2018, official date of effect of the smoke-free campus at the EHESP, the school is continuing to inform and support staff and students wishing to find out about, reduce or stop smoking. Various measures are offered in terms of communication and management:

  • specific advertising (posters, flyers, screens etc.) for announcing the future smoke-free campus
  • events, with, for example, an information booth for incoming civil servant pupils
  • materials for supporting people who have just stopped smoking, especially consultations with a nurse and sophrology sessions
  • an e-mail address for information on support offered by the school in addition to the services offered by Tabacinfo service
Modified on 28 August 2023