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  • Santé Publique France
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  • Université Paris VI
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The research activity of DSETGS is part of the IRSET – Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health, a new INSERM Center which gathers:


  • Provide high-level education to meet the needs of managers and stakeholders in the environmental health security system at national and international levels;
  • Develop competitive research activities, at the international level, on hazards and risks related to life and work environments and their prevention, drawing on all relevant disciplines (environmental quality assessment, exposure science, epidemiology, toxicology, risk assessment and operational research in environmental health engineering for hazard control);
  • Provide expertise in order to inform public policies on environmental and occupational risks.


There is concern among the general public about environmental risks which, despite the progress achieved over recent years, still cause significant and unequal morbidity and mortality. Controlling such risks calls for considerable commitment from public authorities and economic and social stakeholders. In this context, the DSETGS aims to contribute, through research and expertise, to improve knowledge on such risks, determine their sources, quantify them, evaluate their distribution and propose ways of preventing or abating them. It also provides training for environmental, occupational health and safety managers in the public and private sectors.

Download the comprehensive list of the Department’s scientific publications 2007-2014 (in French, pdf, 591 kb)


The DSETGS is one of the EHESP departments and works closely with the other departments, in particular through the interdisciplinary centres.

Its activity is closely linked to EHESP’s environmental quality assessment and measurement laboratory, the LERES (Laboratory for study and research in environmental health).

The DSETGS has developed partnerships with several other higher education institutions to create and develop a range of courses in the environmental and occupational health fields (master and advanced master courses, environmental health course for EHESP engineers).

With IRSET partners, the department contributes to the development of France’s largest interdisciplinary environmental and occupational health research centre, with international ambitions.



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