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The Master in childhood and youth: policies and care is organised jointly by EHESP School of Public Health, Rennes 1 University and Rennes 2 University.



The Master in childhood and youth: policies and care aims to offer a course which will allow both practicing and future professionals to promote an improved process of integration and management of young people in our country.


Location : Rennes
Duration : 1 year (September to September)
Teaching language : French
ECTS : 60 per year

The course is interdisciplinary in nature, in terms of both lecturers and students, and is a sandwich course, with one meeting per month over 8 months. Between meetings, students in on-going training are at their workplaces, and students in initial training are looking for work placements, then on placement.

Career Openings

There is a growing level of demand for skills in childhood and youth work, because of the increasing number of questions being asked about how this group is socially integrated:

  • Managers of voluntary sector organisations working in the field of education and popular education
  • Managers in local government services
  • Managers of voluntary sector organisations working in the field of health and social work
  • PhD in social sciences


Students, civil servant and professional trainee childhood and youth works from diverse backgrounds.


The Master’s is open to:

  • Students having taken a “Master 1” pathway offered as part of a Master, including a public health option at Rennes 1 University and EHESP
  • Holders of a “Master 1” in human and social, medical students having successfully completed a “Master 1” or DCEM3 in their field
  • students having successfully completed an access qualification for one of the professions mentioned and able to use a validation of prior experience entitling them to enrol on a “Master 2”, on condition that their application is accepted by the equivalence committee


Applications for 2024-2025 academic year are closed.

Foreign students

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Virginie MUNIGLIA, Professor and researcher at EHESP School of Public Health


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Admission office

Tél. : +33 (0) 2 99 02 26 71 – Scolarite@ehesp.fr

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