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The Master 2 in Disability and Social Participations (SHPS) is jointly accredited by Rennes 1 University and Rennes 2 University, and co-organised with the following European partners: Inserm (Institut fédératif de recherche sur le handicap – Federative Research Institute on Disability) – IFPEK (Institut de formation en pédicurie-podologie, ergothérapie et massokinésithérapie – Training Institute for podiatry, occupational therapy and kinesitherapy) – CREA-HELB (Centre de recherches et d’études appliqués, Haute École Libre de Bruxelles – Centre for research and applied studies, Brussels Free University College).


The United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and, in France, the 2005 law, render the participation of disabled people the affirmation of a central right – and presenting society with a tremendous challenge.

The aim of this Master 2 in Disability and Social Participations (SHPS) is to furnish professionals with new competences enabling them to translate the principles of equality into action – in terms of access to rights and social participation in every aspect of life (education, employment, health, leisure activities, etc.). This Master takes both international and professional dimensions into account, by integrating contributions from Canadian, Belgian and Swiss experts to the teaching.

Skills and abilities

  • Analysis of the interactions of factors generating disability
  • Identification of the needs and rights of the populations concerned
  • Design, leadership and evaluation of programmes aimed at developing the social participation of disabled people
  • Management of the various dimensions of intervention programmes: programming, implementation and evaluation
  • Development of innovative integration methods, and evaluation of the results of interventions together with the groups of people affected


Location : Rennes
Duration : 1 full year (September to September)
Teaching language : French
ECTS : 60 per year

September to January


  • The paradigms of disability
  • Populations and needs, including a 2-week placement
  • Disability legislation and policy: European comparisons
  • Financing of disability policies and financial management
  • Research seminar

February to June


  • Design and implementation of inclusive projects
  • Environment and compensations for disability
  • Evaluation of project implementation and impact
  • 4-month placement: consultancy, piloting and conduct of inclusive projects giving rise to the production of a dissertation

Work placement

Career Openings

  • Director of medical-social organisation or establishment, Head of Department
  • Project Co-ordinator in the field of disability, territorial manager, social action inspector
  • Consultant, expert, advisor in the field of disability
  • Project Leader, specialist HRD post
  • Inclusion Advisor


Students, civil servants and public health professionals from diverse backgrounds.


The Master’s is open to:

  • Students in initial training, holders of an M1 in the field of human and social sciences or public health
  • Statutory training pupils at EHESP
  • Professionals having experience and a level of training compatible with enrolment on the Master’s (professionals from human resources and territorial administrations, health and medical social professionals, social work professionals…).

For candidates who do not have a Master’s degree in Public Health, M2 access is conditional on examination of the application and presentation of a professional and/or research project in the disability field.


Applications for 2024-2025 academic year are open :

  • from 21 March to 16 April 2024 (1st round)
  • from 22 April to 12 May 2024 (2nd round)

Apply online

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Emmanuelle FILLION, Professor at EHESP School of Public Health
Sylvie MOISDON-CHATAIGNER, Lecturer, HDR at University of Rennes 1
Lise LEMOINE, Lecturer in psychology at Université Rennes 2


Tél. : +33 (0) 2 99 02 28 53 – Regine.Maffei@ehesp.fr

Admission Office

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