Master of Public Health

Pathway: Health promotion and prevention

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The Master 2 course in public health offers students a health promotion and prevention pathway, dispensed by the EHESP and Rennes 1 University.



Health promotion and prevention covers professional practices and multidisciplinary research which mainly consist of acting on cognitive, behavioural, social and environmental factors, which affect the health of individuals and populations, or which lead to life-long health inequalities.

A 1st to 4th year university course in this field enables future professionals to acquire theoretical, methodological and solid practical skills in the creation, administration and assessment of public health intervention services or de programmes, the main objective of which is to promote healthier life styles and living conditions for individuals, communities and populations.

Target background and skills

The training is based on international skills frameworks applicable to the field of health promotion, and especially those of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) and the International union for health promotion and education (Union internationale de promotion de la santé et d’éducation pour la santé – UIPES). Each lesson relates to a specific skills set which can be found in the various teaching unit (TU) brochures. However, we can specifically say that after training, students should especially be able to:

  • use the main concepts, theories and models from the various disciplines and which come into play in the field of health promotion and prevention,
  • identify the nature and causes of the main social, ecological and behavioural determinants affecting the health of individuals and populations,
  • explain how social and economic, psychosocial, political and environmental factors interact with one another to produce health inequalities,
  • identify the main steps and procedures in the design, implementation and evaluation of programmes and policies intended to improve the health of individuals and populations, and to reduce health inequalities,
  • apply an evidence-based approach in the development and implementation of health promotion and prevention programmes or services,
  • identify and apply ethics principles in the development and implementation of health promotion and prevention programmes or services.


Location: Rennes
Duration : 7 months fulltime / 3 to 6 months work placement
Teaching language: French (80 %) – English (20 %)
ECTS : 60 per year

The course

Teaching units (TU)

  1. ‘Modern-day challenges in health promotion and prevention’ (6 ECTS)
    Epistemology, history, concepts and principles of health promotion and prevention (HPP); populations and living environments; risk factors and diseases; ethics, psychology and sociology applied to HPP.
  2. ‘Intervention strategies and methods in health prevention and promotion’ (3 ECTS)
    Educational strategies; strategies and methods for changing behaviour; social marketing, communication and advocacy; community strategies; empowerment and social participation.
  3. ‘Setting up and management of health prevention and promotion projects” (6 ECTS)
    Project planning and management; mobilisation of evidence and transfer of knowledge in interventions; implementation of a health promotion project.
  4. ‘Research methods applied to health prevention and promotion’ (6 ECTS)
    Qualitative and quantitative data analysis methods; systematic literature review.
  5. ‘Reflective stance, professional skills and occupational integration’ (23 ECTS)
    Defining your career objectives; elaborating searches; placement and dissertation.
  6. ‘Improved knowledge of health prevention and promotion strategies’ (6 ECTS)
    Health education; therapeutic education and health care pathway; strategies and methods for changing behaviour; communication; advocacy: methods, principles and application; social marketing applied to HPP; empowerment and social participation, community health; health democracy.
  7. ‘Improved knowledge of health prevention and promotion themes’ (6 ECTS)
    Emergency situations; health and policies; vaccinology; mental health and addictions; general health; zoning and health; health care pathway.
  8. ‘Improved knowledge of methods and evaluation’ (4 ECTS)
    Health impact assessments; methodological tools and critical review; qualitative methods OR quantitative methods; economic prevention assessment.

Career openings

This course mainly aims to train study and project managers in the field of health prevention and promotion. Students may be brought to work as much in the public and parapublic sector (regional health agencies, local governments, international organisations) as in the private or charity sector (associations, foundations, private health funds).


Students or professionals with a Master 1 (or equivalent) in public health, medicine (or other medical or paramedical disciplines) or social sciences applied to health (sociology, psychology, education sciences).


Unconditional admission for students with a Master 1 in Public Health from Rennes 1 University. For other applicants with a Master 1, admission on application and, where applicable, interview with the heads of training.


Applications for 2024-2025 academic year are closed.

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