Santé publique France “Health Promotion” Chair at EHESP discontinued its work since 31 December 2018.


santé des populationsInstitut national de prévention et d’éducation pour la santé (Inpes) is financing the activities of the Chair to help the EHESP in its endeavour to set the standard as the leader in health promotion research and education, both for students at the EHESP and for health professionals in the field, in France and, more generally, in French-speaking countries.

The Chair is attached to the EHESP’s Department of human and social sciences.

The Inpes ‘Health care promotion’ chair at the EHESP works to improve the strategies and programmes for health care promotion in populations and reducing health care inequalities:

  • By encouraging the development of knowledge and health promotion programmes and policies through research.
  • By contributing to improve the top level training offer by supporting acquisition of skills in health care promotion by public health care professionals.


  • To develop research capability in real-life situations, in close proximity to populations and to contribute to the development of innovative population-based programmes
  • To promote and take action towards the integration of health to all public policy
  • To improve provision of initial and ongoing health promotion training courses
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge between research and training activities
  • To facilitate university exchanges arising out of the networking of researchers and professionals
  • To contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and innovations by stimulating collaboration at both national and international levels


The Inpes ‘Health care promotion” chair at the EHESP is held by Eric Breton, university lecturer and researcher at the EHESP. An advisory committee accompanies the holder in the formulation and implementation of the Chair’s directions.

Advisory Committee (former Scientific Committee)

The advisory committee is chaired by Prof. Fred Paccaud from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine in Lausanne (IUMSP-Lausanne). It includes French and foreign academic and institutional experts.

The Committee meets yearly and advises the holder on the Chair’s directions and on the scientific content of the programme. Its members also contribute to providing added visibility over the various activities, as much in France as at European level.

Research and studies

rechercheResearch Project

  • “Acting on the social determinants in Pays de Redon-South Brittany; interventional research on the deployment of a local strategy aimed at reducing inequalities in the face of cancer”
  • “Analysis and theorization of programmes targeting the reduction of health inequalities prior to implementation of an intervention” – Task 1 of the AAPRISS programme conducted by the Institut Fédératif d’Etudes et de Recherches Interdisciplinaires Santé Société (IFERISS), Toulouse, France
  • “Health inequalities reduction through health promotion and public health policy: a comparative ethical analysis of national cancer strategies in France and England”
  • “Integration of the social determinants of health to regional programmes and policy in France: exploratory research on the barriers and opportunities “
  • “Regional project: experimental nutrition and breastfeeding in vulnerable women (PRENAP)”
  • “Physical inactivity as a policy problem: a cross-national comparison (PIPP)”

Scientific Publications

Discover the scientific publications by the Inpes ‘Health care promotion’ chair at the EHESP:

Visiting professor centre

The Chair welcomes visiting professors.
If you wish to apply, contact Eric Breton, holder of the Inpes ‘Health care promotion’ chair at the EHESP.

Teaching and training

The Inpes ‘Health care promotion’ chair at the EHESP has the vocation to be a place of training and exchange for current and future practitioners at the EHESP, and also in other structures such as regional health agencies and regional skills centres.

The Chair’s vision enters into a three-way approach:

  • Help train a new generation of practitioners aware of health inequalities and equipped to take action as to the determinants of health among populations
  • Highlight and encourage the adoption of novel practices in health care promotion in France
  • Contribute to the development of a dialogue and a professional identity specific to health care promotion in France.

Expertise and dissemination of knowledge

Health care promotion educational manual

The Inpes Chair supports and coordinates a project to create a French language health care promotion educational manual with several other teachers at the EHESP. The date of publication of this Manual bringing together 34 French-speaking authors is expected in 2017.

The idea of creating a health care promotion educational manual came from the discussions among a group of researchers at the EHESP, to which it seemed important to highlight and pool existing and emerging knowledge and practical tools, in health care promotion in the French-speaking sphere.

The educational manual will include essential knowledge in health care promotion and will answer the following questions:

  • What are the founding principles and guidelines to health care promotion?
  • How can the health of a population be improved?
  • How should efforts be organised?
  • How can we learn from our efforts?
  • Health care promotion in the French-speaking sphere: what challenges and perspectives?

To do this, the manual design is based on key professional skills in health care promotion elaborated for European CompHP certification. The manual will be compiled like a series of lessons, each chapter corresponding to a specific teaching.

Chair Team

Eric Breton

Eric Breton

Professor and Chair’s Titular

Anne Le Fustec

Anne Le Fustec



Chloé Jomier

Ingénieure d’étude

Cécile You

Cécile You

Research Engineer

Marion Porcherie

Marion Porcherie

Research Engineer, scientific coordination

Francois Bissege

François Bissege

Research Engineer

Mathilde Guibert


Marjorie Cadeville

Ingénieure d’études

Guillaume Campagné

Interne de santé publique

Professors visitors

Peter Duncan Peter Duncan
Senior Lecturer
Centre for Public Policy Research, King’s College, London, England
Professor visitor 2011-2012
Sylvie Stachenko Sylvie Stachenko
University of Alberta – Canada
Professor visitor 2011-2013
Thomas Valente Thomas W Valente
Professor at Department of Preventive Medicine
Keck School of Medicine,
University of Southern California
Professor visitor 2010-2011

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