Created in June 2017 for a 3-year period, the “Prospective in health” Chair is set up within the Healthcare Organisation Management (EA 7348 MOS) host team. This academic Chair devotes itself to studying the future development of health organisations in France.

Chair Team

Claude Sicotte holds the “Prospective in health” Chair. He is a professor of management sciences applied to health and researcher with the EHESP’s Healthcare Organisation Management (EA 7348 MOS) host team.
He was previously a professor and researcher in the Department of Management, Evaluation and Health Policy at the University of Montreal’s School of Public Health.


The “Prospective in health” Chair is dedicated to studying the present and future development of health organisations in France. It aims to support strategic and operational decisions in order to contribute to management quality and improve the performance of healthcare organisations in France and internationally.
The Chair’s research programme pursues the following main objectives:

  • Identify likely development scenarios for French health organisations and their associated issues according to the various stakeholders.
  • Synthesise the risks and benefits associated with the various scenarios identified in order to favour the desirable scenario(s).
  • Analyse the transformation and innovation strategies put in place by French health organisations, which are both confronted with profound changes in their environment and with various reforms initiated by the public authorities. Synthesise the best strategies and conditions by facilitating their application.
  • Establish close collaboration with the clinical and managerial teams of health organisations to develop knowledge that is both scientifically sound and applicable to the organizational reality of health organisations. Ensure that this knowledge reaches academic and professional circles.

Research themes

The themes that make up the research programme of the “Prospective in health” Chair are aimed at answering the main management challenges faced by health organisations in France now and in the foreseeable future. These themes are also central themes in the area of health management sciences.

In this perspective, the main themes structuring the Chair’s research programme are:

  • Care coordination (healthcare pathways)
  • Interinstitutional cooperation (territorial hospital groups – GHT)
  • Digital technology and computerisation of clinical practice environments (digital hospital, shared medical record, digital health territory, e-health and telemedicine).


The “Prospective health” Chair relies on a partnership between the EHESP, the National hospitals mutual healthcare company (MNH) and the Banque française mutualiste Foundation (BFM).

Modified on 26 February 2019