Chair Holder

Étienne MINVIELLE, management sciences professor at the EHESP
Manager of the team : Healthcare organisation management (EA 7348 MOS)


The aims of the Chair in Management of Health Facilities are as follows:

  • Develop and disseminate knowledge and innovation in management practices for health organizations from a cross-fertilization between academic research and the needs of health care facilities.
  • Build and strengthen exchanges between the academic world, the holders of the chair, and health care institutions.
    Co-produce actionable and transferable knowledge by scientifically analyzing the innovations in health care facilities and testing new models, tools and methods, as part of action research and other applied research approaches.
  • Question the current developments to help develop managerial approaches that will address the challenges faced by health care institutions.
  • Include changes in hospital management practices in an international context and learn from the experience and knowledge developed abroad.

The scientific output is exploited in many forms, including publications, events, and academic and professional contributions.

Research Topics

The research topics have 2 aims:

  • They respond to the concerns of health care institutions and partners of the chair regarding changes in management practices.
  • They help develop and structure the academic field of management research in health care organizations.

These issues help develop changes in the education of all actors involved in the management of health organizations.

The main topics that structure the activities in the chair include:

  • Management and change management,
  • Performance management,
  • The transformation of management practices brought about by the new institutional context (the control and management of divisions, the operation of the management board and supervisory council and the new infrastructure of strategic health care facility management, the diffusion of a management culture in the medical field, strategic inter-facility cooperation and new forms of care).

Activities of the Chair

Monthly thematic seminars of the chair

These seminars bring together professionals and researchers on a given topic in order to identify innovative practices, promote exchanges and formalize the achievements in the field. Go to the seminars program schedule.

Annual Conference

An annual event on a topic will bring together researchers, chair holders and health care institutions to share experiences and new knowledge.

Supervision of PhD candidates who are working professionals

The objective is to support professionals in health care facilities who want to earn a doctorate in management sciences.

Supervision of PhD candidates

Mobilize the support of the Doctorate in Management Sciences, for example as part of CIFRE theses or comparable situations, to develop knowledge in the area of hospital management.

Action research

The goal is to develop cooperation with institutions involving researchers, in particular PhD candidates in management science.

Dissemination of knowledge and transfer of managerial innovation

The chair aims to disseminate the knowledge developed by its various activities and to provide methodological support to professionals to cooperate in the formalization of knowledge production with a view to publication and/or transfer.

Use of knowledge

The knowledge developed in the chair will be made available in various ways, including coordination and publication of books, publication of special issues or reports in academic and professional journals (hospital management journals, medical economics journals), publication of articles, annual events.

Published on 3 October 2011