Pascal Astagneau


- Paris

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Discipline(s): Public health: epidemiology, prevention, hygiene

Current position: University Professor - Hospital Practionner.

Affiliation(s): Department of Quantitative Methods in Public Health, Healthcare organisation management (EA 7348 MOS)


Physician, resident in Paris Hospitals, fellowship in infectious and tropical diseases (University Hospital, Pitié-Salpétrière). After doctoral and post-doc training (Centers for disease control and prevention – CDC Atlanta) on the immuno-epidemiology of malaria, main research activities focus on nosocomial infections and health-care safety. Manage the centre for nosocomial infection control (Paris), Professor of public health at the Pierre Marie Curie Faculty of medicine, and associate researcher at the health care management team at EHESP. Member of the doctoral school of public health Pierre Louis, Paris, belonging to the doctoral and public health network managed by the EHESP.


Health-care-related infections: relationships between the organisation of health care and the risk of infection, quality of practices and adverse events on invasive procedures. Use of hospital database for monitoring surgical site infections, Coordination of the research initiative on crisis and health protection PRINCEPS Sorbonne Paris Cité University.

120 publications referenced in pubmed. factor RG : 40.8


  • Member of the High Council of Public Health, patient safety commission (HCSP report, 2013: "indicateurs de résultats des Infections Associées aux Soins")
  • Permanent member of the steering committee of the infection control national program.
  • Expert at the European centre for disease control and prevention (ECDC).
  • Member of the French society  for hospital Hygiene (SF2H).


  • Teaching public health in basic training: Faculty of Medicine (PM Curie).
  • Specialist training in epidemiology: Masters at PM Curie University, international MPH/EHESP, Pasteur-CNAM
  • Ongoing professional training: risk, hygiene and health safety management