Barbara LE BOT

Barbara LE BOT

av. Professeur Leon Bernard - 35043 - Rennes

E-mail: (work)

Affiliation(s): Department of environmental and occupational health, Laboratoire d'étude et de recherche en environnement et santé (LERES), UMR 1085 IRSET


1993: Chemical engineering diploma at the Mulhouse school of chemistry

1993: In-depth Studies Diploma in chemistry at Mulhouse university.

1996 – Doctoral thesis in analytical chemistry – University of Nantes

Since 1996: EHESP professor.

2011 – Accreditation to direct research – University of Rennes 1


Research theme: Evaluation of human exposure to environmental contaminants: Development of method in analytical chemistry to measure exposure (environmental quality)

Research themes which result from all my work concern the quality of water destined for human consumption (tap water) from the source to distributed water and the quality of indoor environments.

My research prospects concern the development of an analytical method in biological matrices such as blood, urine or hair. The aim is to evaluate direct exposure in order to estimate the environmental contribution to general human exposure.


Member of the AFNOR commissions

Since 2000:

  •  T91M (French association of standardisation, water quality – organic micropollutants),
  •  T91F (Water – inorganic micropollutants),

Since 2008:

  •  X43i (indoor environment)
  • X46D (diagnostics in buildings).

X43i (ISO) task force: Determination of phthalates by GC/MS in air and dust (2013).

Member of the National Committee of Experts ONEMA (Office national de l’eau et des milieux aquatiques – National office of water and aquatic environments) since 2010, Prioritising pollutants in aquatic environments.


EHESP (School of public health)

Initial training of health engineering engineers (IGS) and health studies engineers (IES): In charge of the module on quality of tap water (30H): Quality and treatment parameters of tap water. In charge of the environmental metrology module (30H): Methods of measuring contamination and exposure.

International training Master's in Public Health (MPH), Master 2: Takes part in the module: Health risk assessment: "Environmental fate of pollutants".

Training for Master's in Public Health and Environmental Risks (SPRE):  Teaching metrology of exposure environments.

 University of Rennes 1

Training Master's 2 Chemistry, speciality Analytical Methods (M2MA): Teaching sampling and preparation of samples before analysis according to the measurement objective.

Training Master's 2 agrifood (MIAM): Teaching the ICP/MS technique and analysis of tap water

University of Vannes (UBS)

Training Master's 1st year "Management and evaluation of biological resources" in an "environmental risks" teaching unit: Teaching on the quality of natural water.