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Discipline(s): Health promotion, public health

Current position: Research assistant

Diploma(s): PhD in progress

Affiliation(s): Department of Human and Social Sciences, UMR 6051 ARENES-CRAPE


Professional career

After 2 years spent abroad in Canada where I worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Population Health of the University of Ottawa within the nutrition and social determinants research Chair (2004-2008), I gained institutional experience in health planning in the field of prevention and health promotion, as well as project management and regional coordination within regional Health Insurance organisations and Regional Health Agencies.  I joined the Inpes Chair on health promotion at the EHESP [French School of Public Health] in 2011, shortly after its creation in 2010, and thus participated in the development of the research, dissemination, expertise and teaching activities. I am currently writing a thesis on political sciences and health promotion under the supervision of Dr Jeanine Pommier (Département SHSC [Department of Human and Social Sciences and Health Behaviour] - EHESP [French School of Public Health]) and Pr Blanche Le Bihan (Social Care Chair - EHESP).


Academic career

Since 2013 – PhD in Political Sciences – health promotion (In progress) – Ecole doctoral SHOS [Doctoral School of Human Sciences, Organisations and Society – Laboratoire CRAPE [Centre of Research on Political Action in Europe Laboratory] UMR [Mixed Research unit]/CNRS [National Centre of Scientific Research] 5061

2004 - Master of Science in sociology of food (DESS) - Université Toulouse Le Mirail [University of Toulouse Le Mirail] – ENSAT [National School of Agricultural and Life Sciences] – ENFA [National School of Agronomic Training]

2003 – Bachelor of Science in Public Health (Maîtrise Sciences et Technique en santé publique) - Institut d’Epidémiologie et de Développement [Institute of Epidemiology and Development], Université Bordeaux II [University of Bordeaux II]

2001- University Diploma in Dietetic - Biological Engineering (Diplôme Universitaire Tecnologique Génie biologique, diététique) – Université Bordeaux IV [University of Bordeaux IV]


My research combines interventional research practices on health promotion and fundamental research on public health. As part of my thesis, I have been specifically interested in the formulation of health policies by studying Regional Health Agencies, their governance systems and their role in the consideration of health inequalities.


Member of the "ICAPS" project steering committee, Inpes [National Institute of Prevention and Education for Health]

Member of the steering committee for interventional research on health promotion, IREPS Brittany - Pôle de compétences en promotion de la santé [Centre of Competence for Health Promotion]


"Health promotion" certificate :

  • Teaching and tutorials in module 1 "Principes et fondamentaux de la promotion de la santé" ["Principles and basics of health promotion"] - classes on "Approches basées sur les ressources en santé" ["Approaches based on health resources"] (Asset-based approach)
  • Coordinator of Module 2 on "Mobiliser pour promouvoir la santé des populations : communiquer, éduquer et plaider" ["Taking action to promote public health: communicate, educate and promote"] - introductory classes and tutorials

Occasional CPD teaching : Social inequalities, basics of health promotion., project methodology