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Affiliation(s): Collectif de recherche sur le handicap, l’autonomie, société inclusive (CoRHASI), Department of Human and Social Sciences, UMR 6051 ARENES-CRAPE


After obtaining my PhD at the University of Rennes 1 in November 2012, I was recruited as a research engineer at the Chair of Social Care – lien social et santé (CNSA-EHESP), at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Health behaviour of the French School of Public Health (EHESP). Since September 2013, I am a Post-doctoral student in the POLIA INLOVE project (see below).


Initially, as part of my PhD, my research concerned the reforms of health care and health insurance systems in Central and East European countries, and more specifically in Bulgaria. I am particularly interested in the role played by the medical profession in the process of transformation of the Bulgarian health care system. The theoretical perspective adopted is the one of public policy analysis and the political sociology of the professions.

My more recent research activity, within the Chair of Social Care – lien social et santé (CNSA-EHESP), has focused on long-term care policies and policies for supporting informal carers for elderly people in France and in Europe.

As a Post-Doctoral student, I am currently involved in a research on cooperation and integration policies in long-term care for elderly people in three European countries (France, the United Kingdom and Sweden) – the POLIA INLOVE research.


I participated in a research on the respite care offer for informal carers to elderly people suffering from the Alzheimer's disease (day care and respite care platforms) under the scientific responsibility of Blanche Le Bihan (EHESP), as part of the Comparse project – Comparison of service rendered to people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and care-givers, in three types of respite care schemes (platform, day care and control group).


My main teaching activities concern the reform of health systems in Central and Eastern European countries (Master's of Public Health, EHESP). I coordinate a cycle of professional conferences within the Social and Health Policies Seminars of the EAPT Master’s degree of the Institute of Political Science in Rennes. I also teach public policy analysis and methodology at the EHESP.