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Affiliation(s): Department of Human and Social Sciences


Gilles HUTEAU joined the EHESP  on 1 October 2012 as a Lecturer in social protection policies and social policies.

He was previously part-time associate university lecturer and Director of a health insurance fund.

During his career in this social security sector, he occupied several posts as director of an organisation and carried out both strategic and operational functions.


As a member of the Laboratory for Law and social change at Nantes university (UMR-CNRS n°6297), he carries out research activities based on five themes:

  • the obligations, duties and responsibilities of users of the health and health insurance system;
  • the care provision pathway and management of health insurance;
  • the legal framework of relations between town physician and socially covered patient;
  • compensation for a temporary inability to work and salaried employee's status;
  • jurisdiction and disputes concerning incapacity and disability.

He is involved in legal research using an approach focusing on interdisciplinarity based on the orientation of the laboratory to which he is attached.


Expert assessment in the fields of social security law, social aid and action, public health law and management and guidance in social and health policies.

Expert-referent for questions of health and occupational accident insurance for the Lamy encyclopaedia of social protection.

Member of the Editorial committee of the Magazine "Regards" for the Higher national social security school.

Scientific adviser on the Breton Committee of history of the social security.

During his previous job as director of a health insurance office, he was a member of many bodies, acting as a qualified person: board of directors of the Health Observatory in Picardie, board of directors of the higher national social security school; T2A commission and ARS risk management, etc. He was also a reporter for the Commission on the list of aptitude to manage the general social security regime.


Teaches social protection law and social policies and health in different departments of the school: cycles preparing competitive exams for hospital director and social and medical-social health establishment director; training cycles for social and sanitary action inspectors, public health pharmacists-inspectors; and in the Master's in Health Management provided by the EHESP.

Also teaches a course in social security law and a course in social action and aid law in the Master's of Public Health, speciality "Law and governance of the health and social sector" at the University of Rennes 1, of which he is assistant director.