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Discipline(s): Health Geography

Current position: Senior Lecturer

Diploma(s): PhD in Geography

Affiliation(s): Department of Human and Social Sciences


After studying Geography at the University of Nanterre, in 2010 I presented a thesis entitled : "Une géographie de la fièvre hémorragique à virus Ebola : représentations et réalités d’une maladie émergente au Gabon et en République du Congo" ["A geography of the Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever : representations and realities of an emerging disease in Gabon and the Republic of Congo"], I was recruited in 2011 as a Lecturer in Geography at the EHESP [French School of Public Health].

Currently affiliated with the Department of Human and Social Sciences and Health Behaviour, I am also attached to the UMR CNRS ESO 6590 [National Centre of Scientific Research's Space and Society Mixed Research Unit 6590] at the University of Rennes 2.


As part of research aimed at reducing health inequalities, I considered the paths of pregnant women to better understand the mechanisms at work in health inequalities. This general questioning forms part of an initiative that combines several research projects.

In 2012-2014, as part of the DISPARITES programme (coordinated by Séverine Deguen), the ITSIG [Therapeutic pathways during and after pregnancy] sub-project (C. Gasquet Blanchard) aimed to understand the pregnancy pathways of women in four French cities who gave birth prematurely. In 2014-2015, this have rise to a new project, the PARSAN project, (health pathway of pregnant women in Montreal coordinated by C. Gasquet Blanchard) which aims to decentralise the French approach and contextualise the pathways of these women through exploratory field research in Montreal. This research is being conducted as part of the MIGSAN project ("Migration et santé" [Migration and Health], a project led by Anne-Cécile Hoyez, CR CNRS, UMR ESO [National Centre of Scientific Research's Research Centre, Space and Society Mixed Research Unit]) within which I am exploring the relationships between pregnancy pathways and migration trajectories.

Furthermore, due to the current epidemic context in West Africa and to further develop the research conducted as part of my thesis, I have been involved in the ANR SHAPES project (2014-2017) which applies a human sciences approach to the relationship between humans and great apes in Central Africa to understand the emergence of viral diseases, including Ebola.


My institutional activities form part of a collective research decentralisation initiative. In this context, along with Emmanuel Eliot (Professor at the University of Rouen), I am co-hosting the CIST's [International Conservatory of Territory’s Sciences Territoires et Santé [Territories and Health] research initiative which aims to unite, by way of regular scientific discussions and study days, geography researchers and other disciplines interested in the relationship between territories and health (sociologists, demographers, urban planners, anthropologists, biostatistics, etc.) with a view to organising and exposing research on these topics.

I have also participated in various Regional Network working groups in the Ile de France Solipam (Solidarité Paris Maman) which are concerned with the health and social care of those in very precarious situations.

Finally, at the start of 2015, I participated in two prefiguration workshops for the States General of the Paris PMI [Maternal and Infant Protection System] which will take place in November 2015.


I mainly teach geography tools (methodology of cartography and GISs, of surveys and maintenance) and also develop lessons around my research questions (particularly the following topics : the structure of healthcare systems in developing countries, health and territorial inequalities, health determinants and access to healthcare) as part of the MPH, Master's in Public Health and Ethical and Health Law, and DESSMS [Director of Health, Social and Medical-Social Establishments] courses. I also teach within SPC [Sorbonne City of Paris University] as part of Paris Descartes' DIU [Inter-University Diploma] in "Précarité et santé périnatale" ["Precariousness and perinatal health"].