Avenue du Pr. Léon Bernard - CS74312 - 35043 - Rennes

Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 02 28 78 (work)

Current position: Director of the Institute of Management, EHESP; Director of the Specialized Master’s Degree in Health Management, EHESP ; Professor at the EHESP

Diploma(s): PhD in Economic Sciences

Affiliation(s): Healthcare organisation management (EA 7348 MOS), Institute of Management


Michel Louazel received his PhD in Economics from the University of Rennes 1 in 1995. He started his career as a Researcher-Lecturer at Audencia, the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce of Nantes and in 2000, headed the Vocational Continuing Education and Training Department of the ENSP (later to become known as the EHESP). He co-directed the Master of law, health and ethics from 2002-2014; in collaboration with the faculty of law and political science of Rennes I and the international diploma in health institution quality management (QUÉOPS-i), in partnership with the University of Montreal. He resumed his teaching and research activities as a Professor in Hospital Strategy in 2007. In 2013, he founded and became the director of the Specialized Master’s in Health Management. In 2018 he became the Director of the Institute of Management, EHESP.


My research topics concern :

  • Competitive dynamics and health territories
  • Cooperation strategies of health establishments
  •  Hospital complex management

I participate since 2012 in the project "Exploration of complexes : terra nova of public health establishment management" This project concerns the analysis of "Mother – child" complexes within public hospitals, in order to better understand the roles of the different actors composing them, the modes of function, contracts and projects that take place within them and any pooling instruments.

In 2014, following an initial work on "Cooperation strategies by non-profit health establishments", we started with colleagues from the epidemiology/biostatistics department, a research programme funded by the FEHAP on the analysis of the territorial cover of non profit private establishments via the observation of MCO/SSR sectors.

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My lecturing and research activities have led to writing in professional journals or participating in seminars, in addition to scientific publications. You can find the list of my communications at professional seminars as well as my articles in the document attached, available for download.

I have also accompanied certain establishments in strategic projects or the performance of studies. I have thus been able to participate in :

  • Support to the drawing up of a medical project for a gerontology centre.
  • Support for the strategy and organisation of two medicine complexes in CH.

I have also undertaken :

  • A study concerning public health establishments for a national bank.
  • A study on territory hospital communities for a regional federation.


I have been in charge of the strategy lecturing for trainee directors (hospital director, health care director), health and social action inspectors, master and specialised master students since 2007.

I direct the Specialised "Health Management" Master since 2013 (date it was created).

I also organise initial and continuing training on cooperation strategies and how to conduct of a project.