The EHESP, together with the ESCP Europe and Columbia University, New York, have introduced the first Executive Health MBA, an international healthcare management course for managers (physicians or non-physicians).
The EHMBA has a high level syllabus designed for directors of public or private establishments with 3 to 10 years’ professional experience, for physicians involved in the management of their establishment or service, care co-ordinators and managerial personnel of international, European or regional healthcare companies and organisations.
The 70 day course is spread over 14 months starting in September 2010 in Rennes, Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Madrid. Tuition is in English and French.

Registration until June 30, 2010.

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Xavier Martiniault
Assistant pédagogique du MBA
02 99 02 27 49

Published on 18 March 2010