The INPES Health Promotion Chair is organising this training seminar with lectures by:

  • Professor Lucie Richard, professor at the Faculty of Nursing and Deputy Director of the Public Health Research Institute at Montreal University.
  • Lucette Barthélémy, responsible for health programmes for the elderly at INPES.

The socioecological approach focuses on the environmental determinants of health, from intersectorial community, political and social points of view.

Based on the most recent and most innovative Franco-Quebec research, Professor Richard will describe the effects of environmental components on the various adaptive processes and the importance of taking them into account when assessing the health of the elderly.

Lucette Barthélémy will then present possible means of incorporating a socioecological approach into action strategies aiming to preserve the health and quality of life of the elderly, drawing on examples from current Franco-Quebec programmes.


Published on 3 May 2011