logo_investissements-davenirSorbonne Paris Cité (SPC) has been awarded by the French Government through a highly competitive process, a large scale and multidisciplinary Excellence Initiative (IDEX), which is shaping its scientific, teaching and international activities. Within the framework of this Excellence Initiative, SPC Chairs are to be funded to assist in reaching 2 of the Sorbonne Paris Cité objectives :

Dans le cadre de l’initiative d’excellence (IDEX) portée par Sorbonne Paris Cité (SPC), il est prévu de financer des chaires SPC qui soient au service de 2 ambitions du projet de Sorbonne Paris Cité :

  • to be a world leader in scientific quality,
  • to be open to the world, contributing to making SPC a unified university, capable of attracting talented scientists who will strengthen a disciplinary field and/or push forward emerging research themes, especially at the interface between disciplines.

Positioned at the intersection between research policy and international relations, the SPC Chairs are designed to secure the appointment of one senior or two junior candidates to each of its founding institutions in a statutory post of University Professor, researcher or lecturing researcher, with one position being open to either an internationally reputed Senior, or two positions for Juniors who demonstrate significant scientific promise. It is expected that candidates for these Chairs will be positioned at a level between the junior and the senior ERC grant schemes in terms of the quality of the scientific career path. The Chair(s) could run starting from September 2014 for a maximum term of four years, depending on the project put forward.

Thus, EHESP is launching an international Call for Applications for two Junior Chairs or one Senior Chair , primarily in the following fields:

  1. Analysis of social and health policy (especially related to European healthcare and social care policy and systems, as well as to universal health coverage)
  2. The organisation and management of health services
  3. The environment and health
  4. Health protection (“sécurité sanitaire” in French)
  5. Health promotion and prevention

The Chair(s) will be hosted by one of the following joint labs or research teams:

  • The research institute on environmental and occupational health (IRSET UMR 1085): joint lab gathering teams of INSERM, Rennes 1 University, EHESP, Antilles Guyane university, in collaboration with the University-Hospitals of Rennes and Guadeloupe
  • The Research Center on political action in Europe (CRAPE UMR 6051): joint lab gathering teams of CNRS, Rennes 1 University, EHESP and the Institute of Political science (IEP Rennes)
  • The research team on management of health care organizations (EA MOS) under the aegis of EHESP

Application Procedure

Applications must be sent to EHESP’s Research department by 1 March 2014 (Odile.LeBris@ehesp.fr) and must include the following:

  • the candidate’s detailed CV giving credentials, listing of work to date, list of publications, language skills (English as working language is acceptable, but at least basic French language skills are desirable)
  • the proposed research project to be undertaken by the candidate and an indication of which research team the Chair holder would expect to be teamed with (UMR CRAPE, UMR IRSET or EA MOS)
  • within the scope of the research project, a description of research activities that could be developed in partnership with at least one other SPC institution and which include one component of the research project dedicated to the PhD students and/or the students
  • the training activities which could be developed in synergy with the research project
  • a statement explicitly describing the strategic relevance of the proposed research project in relation to at least one of the 5 research fields set out above as well as to the IDEX’s scientific ambition
  • a summary of financing requirements (Only expenditure that is eligible within this funding framework: PhD and post-doctoral contracts, scientific equipment, running costs), stating what other funding is expected to supplement this support; (the total budget that can be awarded for a maximum of 4 years ranges from € 300 K – € 700 K depending on the profile of the candidate, meaning one senior or two junior chairs)

Selection Procedure

In the first round, the EHESP’s Research department will ascertain that applications meet the selection criteria (proposal relevant to at least one of the five primary fields as indicated above, proposed research collaboration with at least one other SPC institution, capacity to offer lectures within EHESP-delivered training programmes).

Successful applications of this first round will then be interviewed by EHESP’s restricted scientific committee in order for a shortlist to be compiled and presented to EHESP’s director. Applications retained by the director will be circulated to the SPC scientific committee and executive board. The results should be announced in June 2014.

Download the Call for Applications (pdf, 477 ko)


If you require any further information, please contact Marie-Aline Bloch, Dean of Research at EHESP, via her assistant Odile LeBris at Odile.LeBris@ehesp.fr.

Published on 27 January 2014