Symposium supported by EHESP French School of Public Health and the French National Institute for Prevention and Health Education, on the 21st of July 2014 at EHESP in Rennes, France, as part of the 23rd ETC-PHHP Summer Course 2014.


8:45 – Welcome – Welcome Coffee

9:15 – Opening

  • Alain GAUTRON, Executive Director, ARS Bretagne (Regional Health Agency)
  • Laurent CHAMBAUD, Provost of EHESP
  • Thanh LE LUONG, Executive Director of INPES
  • Lenneke VAANDRAGER (Netherlands) − Klaus PLÜMER (Germany), ETC Coordinators

10:00 – Can Salutogenesis be a Solomonic Solution to the Gordian Knot of Public Health: Equity?

    Professor of Salutogenesis and Founder of ETC-PHHP
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

10:30 – Complex Social Problems Require Innovative Solutions: Football United, A Program Increasing Social Cohesion in Vulnerable Communities in Australia

    Senior Lecturer, Health Promotion Program, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia

11:00 – Coffee Break

11:30 – ‘AIDS to Life’, An Approach to Reclaim the City

  • Jean-Louis LAMBORAY
    MD, Former Advisor at the World Bank and UNAID, President of the International NGO Constellation, Belgium

12:15 – WORLD CAFÉ
Views on Local Strategies

12:40 – WORLD CAFÉ Summary
Lynne KENNEDY (UK) − Paolo CONTU (Italy) − Gwendolijn BOONEKAMP (Netherlands)

13:00 – End of Symposium Buffet for Registrants (offered)

Download the programme (pdf, 1.3 mb)

3 keynote speakers

Bengt Lindström

Professor of Salutogenesis, at NTNU Trondheim – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Research Centre for Health Promotion and Resources HiST/NTNU – Department of Social Work and Health Sciences. He is Chair of IUHPE Global Working Group of Salutogenesis. As member of the original team that initiated the  European Training Consortium in 1989 he was together with Concha Colomer (Valencia, Spain) one of the four Founders of the European Training Network in Public Health and Health Promotion ETC-PHHP in 1991. He stems from clinical practice in paediatrics and holds a PhD on quality of life of children. His research interests are Health Promotion, Child and Adolescent Health, Salutogenesis.

Anne W. Bunde-Birouste

Convener of Health Promotion at the University of New South Wales’ Graduate School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Anne W. Bunde-Birouste is Founding Director of Football United. She has over 25 years of international practice, policy and advocacy work with focus on health and development and practice-based research. Her research agenda focuses on health and peace-building, community participation in health and participatory applied research in innovative health promotion approaches for working with disadvantaged groups.

Jean-Louis Lamboray

Dr Jean-Louis LAMBORAY worked for thirteen years to the conception and implementation of Zaïre health services reform, and as health consultant at the World Bank in Washington. He participated to the negotiations leading up to the creation of UNAIDS program in which he contributed from 1995 to 2004. Author of “Sida, la bataille peut être gagnée” (AIDS the battle can be won) and “Qu’est-ce qui nous rend humains ?” (What makes us human?). Jean-Louis Lamboray, graduated from the Université Catholique de Louvain, is president of the international NGO the Constellation since 2004.

Practical information and Registration

Symposium open to everyone. Registration is free but mandatory by e-mail:
Deadline: 1st July 2014

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Published on 8 April 2014