apheaThe Master of Public Health has successfully passed the stages of the highly selective accreditation of APHEA (Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation), the European accreditation agency for public health programs and schools.

The APHEA was founded by 5 European associations (ASPHER, EUPHA, EPHA, EHMA and EuroHealthNet) bringing together all the stakeholders in public health in Europe. This agency focuses on accreditation of public health programs and institutions. APHEA’s validation criteria for programs include curriculum contents, learning and training methods, academic and practical skills, as well as teaching faculty profile and qualification. A small number of sub-criteria focus on the implementation of the requirements as stemming from the Bologna Declaration.

APHEA officially validated the Master of Public Health for a 4-year period, from 28 november 2014 to 28 november 2018.


MPH program validation is important for:

  • Ensuring greater academic RECOGNITION on the European level and global stage
  • Certifying the QUALITY of the program
  • Promoting TRANSFERABILITY of public health degrees
  • Increasing EMPLOYABILITY of public health graduates

Source: adapted from APHEA.

Published on 20 February 2015