*Agency for public health education accreditation

A European label that informs all its international public of the great quality of its teaching, its management, organisation, working and reception conditions of its public.

The APHEA accreditation follows a complete audit of the establishment on:

  1. Governance and organisation of the institution
  2. Aims and objectives of the public health institution and its programs
  3. Training programs
  4. Students and graduates
  5. Human resources and staffing
  6. Supportive services, budgeting and facilities
  7. Internal quality management

The APHEA report highlights the interest of the EHESP model that innovates and associates professional and university training, as the strength of the instituted, known for its continuing professional education action in the health management field. Its position by virtue of its mission, objectives, as well as the international diversity of its students is also considered as a major asset for its future.

The relationships between the teaching staff and the health system are also one of the major strong points highlighted, providing up to date and pertinent training programs.

The attention given to teaching, which translates into personnel training, organisation of MOOC and the development of innovative teaching methods, or the considerable and appropriate use of new technologies were also highlighted during the audit.

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Published on 6 November 2015