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On 4 December 2019, the Campus France labeling commission awarded the EHESP School of Public Health the “Welcome to France” (“Bienvenue en France”) label at the 3-star level* for 4 years. This label rewards the proactive welcome policy developed over the last few years by the EHESP for foreign students and will contribute to strengthen its international attractiveness strategy.


Since April 2019, the EHESP School of Public Health has engaged in the “Welcome to France” certification process. This approach is part of the EHESP strategic orientations in terms of openness and international reach. Obtaining the “Welcome to France” label allows to enhance its commitment to welcoming international students and to promote its programs internationally. The SMILE project (Supporting Mobility through Intercultural Learning and Exchanges) is an example of specific support set up by the EHESP for the students entering the EHESP Master of Public Health.

* The third level (3 stars) indicates that the establishment meets all the indicators.

A label based on the quality of the reception and the support services for international students

The EHESP thus made a self-evaluation of its system for welcoming international students on the basis of criteria divided into 5 main categories:

  • the quality and accessibility of information
  • the quality and accessibility of reception facilities
  • the quality and accessibility of training provision and support for teaching
  • housing and the quality of life on campus
  • the quality of post-graduate monitoring

At the end of this self-assessment phase and in view of the responses to the criteria required to obtain the “Welcome to France” label, the Campus France commission awarded the EHESP the 3-star level label. On 4 December 2019, the EHESP joined 56 certified French higher education institutions. In 2020, a field visit of the School giving rise to an expert report by a Campus France commission will confirm or update the awarded level.


Laurence HOUARI
International relations department
Laurence.Houari@ehesp.fr – T. +33 (0)2 99 02 26 93

Published on 9 January 2020