On Monday 13 March 2023, the bodies of EHESP School of Public Health’s new subsidiary EHESP-International met for the first time in Rennes and remotely formalising its creation. Currently chaired by Laurent Chambaud, former director of EHESP and led by Marie Kernec, director of the subsidiary, EHESP-International has a strategic committee and a supervisory committee that brings together EHESP experts and representatives of the School’s international partners.

Marie Kernec, director of EHESP-International – Photo: EHESP

Through the actions carried out by this subsidiary – which works closely with the International Relations Department of the EHESP responsible for steering university partnerships, international courses leading to a qualification and international mobility within the School – EHESP intends to promote capacity building and expertise projects at international level.

The objective is to broaden the responses to the needs of requesting countries in terms of training, support and pedagogical engineering, studies and evaluations in the field of public health. EHESP’s –expert-teachers and affiliated experts will thus be involved more specifically in the fields of organisation and performance of health systems, hospital management, primary care management, medico-social management, crisis management, inspection and health monitoring, health and environment. Since its creation in December 2022, EHESP-International has been working on the development of an online training course dedicated to hospital management, an assessment of hospital management training needs, training of trainers and support in strengthening hospital management training curricula for the needs of different countries in Africa and Asia.


Director of EHESP-International


Published on 15 March 2023