The Institut des Amériques in Rennes develops its networks and becomes a research platform

The scientific interest group (GIS) of the Institut des Amériques in Rennes has taken advantage of the renewal of its agreement to sign a new partnership with EHESP. The new agreement also includes the Human Sciences Institute in Brittany (MSHB) and transforms the Institute into a research platform, therefore increasing its influence and reputation at the regional level.

Since 2003, the Institut des Amériques in Rennes has been setting up a network between the America-oriented researchers working for the five founding member institutions, in the area of social sciences and humanities: Rennes 1 and Rennes 2 universities, Agrocampus Ouest, the CNRS and Sciences Po Rennes. The institute brings together several research units, a dozen host laboratories, around sixty researchers and includes many programs in partnership with regional, national or American teams, a Chair of Americas and a dedicated master course, therefore contributing to strong inter-institutional dynamics.

The new agreement for the Institut des Amériques in Rennes was signed in Monday 11 October 2010 in the presence of:

  • Gérard BORRAS, President of the GIS IDA,
  • Jean Émile Gombert, Senior Vice-President of Rennes 2 University and  Director of MSHB,
  • David Alis, Senior Vice-President of Rennes 1 University
  • Antoine Flahault, Dean of EHESP,
  • Grégoire Thomas, Director of Agrocampus,
  • Patrick Le Floch, Director of Sciences Po Rennes,
  • as well as local authority officials, laboratory heads, network members and research and international relations staff.
Published on 11 October 2010