From 23 to 25 November 2016, Philippe Quenel, Director of the LERES (Environment and health study and research laboratory of EHESP) and Barbara Le Bot, Deputy Director of research of the LERES, visited the National School of Public Health Sergio Arouca in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.


Nouveau partenariat entre les laboratoires de l’EHESP et de l’ENSP Sergio Arouca au BrésilThe goal of this meeting was to strengthen the existing collaborations, with particular focus on environmental health and health at work research, by building a new partnership between the laboratories of the 2 schools.

The 2 laboratories share the common feature of being located within a school of public health. They both carry out activities and services in the areas of research, training and have expertise in the field of environmental risks and workplace health.

This project is the result of an institutional visit to Brazil in September 2015 led by Laurent Chambaud, Director of the EHESP, and the visit in France of Frederico Peres, Director of the Centro de Estudos da Saude do Trabalhador e Ecologia humana – Cesteh/ENSP and International Relations Manager.

Discussions concerning the operational modalities of this collaboration will continue in 2017.


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Published on 13 January 2017