After its ASPHER Best Practice Award for Excellence in Public Health Education and Training in June 2018, the Europubhealth+ programme has been rewarded again. The European Commission has just renewed its funding for 6 more years to continue developing this unique public health training. The Europubhealth+ consortium coordinated by EHESP School of public health will be able to offer almost 90 full Erasmus Mundus excellence scholarships to the best students worldwide and to sponsor international public health experts to come teach on the programme.

Emphasizing at its core the urgent need to build sustainable health systems while addressing health inequalities, Europubhealth+ aims to provide multidisciplinary training in a unique multicultural environment. Its consortium will be greatly supported in this endeavor by an exceptional network of associated partners representing public health services, international organizations, NGOs and higher education institutions from Europe and beyond. From September 2019, 2 new partner universities: University College Dublin (Ireland) and the University of Liège (Belgium) are joining the consortium to provide additional course options to 1st year students. Students will also get to study in at least 2 different countries, in up to 3 languages (English, Spanish and French).

The Europubhealth+ Master programme has been recognized by the European Commission as “Master of excellence” since 2006. More than 300 graduates from 70 different nationalities now form a strong interdisciplinary and international network of public health professionals, which only intends to grow further.


Marion LECOQ
Europubhealth+ program officer – International Relations Department – T. +33(0)2 99 02 25 18

Published on 10 September 2019