In December 2017, EHESP was among the first European institutions to receive the “HR Excellence in Research” award. This European award validates the commitment of the School in the continuous improvement of its practices in terms of recruitment and working conditions of staff in the field of research, whatever their status.

After 2 years of implementation, a first assessment has been made. It reviews the progress already made since obtaining the award, particularly regarding scientific integrity and taking diversity into account. The consultation of the scientific community also made possible to question again the strengths and weaknesses of the HR strategy for EHESP researchers, and to define the actions to be carried out as a priority in the coming years. Among these, we can cite:

  • the improving support for young researchers and staff on non-permanent positions
  • a greater attractiveness towards high-level researchers
  • an heightened promotion of research work

The action plan thus revised is submitted to the European Commission, which will deliver its recommendations during 2020.

More info about the HRS4R process

Published on 22 January 2020