On Tuesday 16 March 2021, a group of European scientists has launched a Call to the European Commission to make the deployment of Nutri-Score mandatory in Europe. Through its Dean Laurent Chambaud, the EHESP – as a leading School of Public Health and member of the ASPHER network – joins the many scientists and health professionals who have signed this appeal, and is working to ensure that the Schools of public health in all the Member States support and relay this declaration. Accompanied by a scientific statement, this official appeal aims to reaffirm the need to base public health policy decisions on scientifically based evidence, free from economic interests.

“Policy decisions in favour of public health must be based on science. Making the Nutri-Score mandatory in Europe is justified not only because this system has a solid scientific basis, but also because it meets a strong societal demand and is supported by consumer associations”

Prof. Serge HERCBERG
Professor Emeritus of Nutrition, Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord

Set up in France for the first time in 2017 based on the work of the research team of Prof. Serge Hercberg as well as the assistance of the National Food Environmental and Occupational Health Security Agency (ANSES) and the High Council of Public Health (HCSP), the Nutri-Score was then recommended by several countries in Europe. In the form of a logo placed on the front of the packaging that indicates easily and clearly the nutritional quality of a product, Nutri-Score enables consumers to make informed choices about nutrition. Today, faced with the real public health challenge represented by the quality of food and the nutritional balance of populations, the European scientific community is mobilising in favour of the deployment, on a European scale, of a scientifically validated, efficient label that allows citizens to take responsibility for their health.

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Published on 17 March 2021