You can download here the presentations and reports from the European Conference which took place on 28 September 2010 on public health, poverty and disability.

Note: all documents are in French, unless stated otherwise.

Download the conference program (pdf, 264 kb)

Topic 1 – Relations between poverty, disability and social inequalities. What are the available data?


Emmanuelle CAMBOIS, Researcher at INED – Mortality, Health and Epidemiology Unit (pdf, 588 kb)

Jésus SANCHEZ,Research Director at the National Technical Centre of Studies and Research on disability (CTNERHI) (pdf, 141 kb)

Serge EBERSOLD, Sociologist at OECD, INS-HEA (pdf, 436 kb)

Topic 2 – Social model of disability and inequalities. What are the challenges?


Patrick FOUGEYROLLAS, Anthropologist, Laval University, Québec, Canada (pdf, 329 kb)

Marcel CALVEZ, Professor of Sociology, Rennes II University (pdf, 18 kb)

Agnes CSER, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, Chairwoman of the Democratic Trade Union of Health and Social Workers (Hungary) – IN ENGLISH ( 26 kb)

John SWAIN, professor, disability studies, university of Northumbria  – IN ENGLISH (pdf, 15 kb)

Topic 3 – Fair treatment of disability situations compared with situations of poverty. What strategies? What indicators?

Mark PRIESTLEY, professor of disability policy, director, Centre for disability studies, university of Leeds – IN ENGLISH (pdf, 355 kb)


Pascale RIBES, President of the French National Council on European issues for Disabled Persons (CFHE) (pdf, 29 kb)

Arnaud de BROCA, General Secretary, National Federation of occupationally injured and Disabled People (FNATH) (pdf, 83 kb)

Christian ANDREO, Director of National Actions, AIDES (pdf,  18 kb)

Bruno VOYER, Administrator, National Association of Friends and Families of People Suffering from Mental Disorders (UNAFAM) (pdf, 57 kb)

(Coming soon) Michel-Edouard DOUCET, vice-chairman, National Federation of Organizations of Families and Friends of Mentally-Disabled People (UNAPEI)


(Coming soon) Henri- Jacques STIKER, Anthropologist, author of Disability, poverty and exclusion in France in the 19th century.

Published on 5 October 2010