The international relations department (DRI) drives and coordinates the implementation of international policy thus building up the school’s international reputation. It collaborates across and through the departments, directorates and   other services, encouraging the development of an international dimension to course programmes, research and within internal procedures.

Accordingly, the main objectives of the DRI are to:

  • Strengthen strategic collaborations in training and research with international academic partners
  • Coordinate international mobility and exchanges for students, as well as for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Reinforce the international dimension of the French School of Public Health’s training provision
  • Monitor the French School of Public Health’s international actions by designing and providing management tools


Fanny HelliotFanny HELLIOT
Director of International Relations
Contact : Sofia PESCA

International Training Course Centre

European projects and International Cooperation

Laurence TheaultLaurence THEAULT
Deputy Director of International Relations
Marion LecoqMarion LECOQ
Europubhealth (EPH) Coordination Program Officer

Severine-TrochelSéverine TROCHEL
Europubhealth (EPH) Program Assistant

Sofia Pesca

Executive Assistant and International Projects Officer


Abdon-GoudjoAbdon GOUDJOCIESPAC Project Manager

CIESPAC Project Officer

MPH Coordination (Master of Public Health)

MPH Program Coordinator

Virginie Le StratVirginie LE STRAT
MPH and EPH Program Officer

Chantal RobertChantal ROBERT
MPH Program Assistant


International Mobility Centre

Anne RocherAnne ROCHER
International Outgoing Mobility and Intercultural Training Manager

Laurence HouariLaurence HOUARI 
International Incoming Mobility and “Home” Internationalisation Manager

Aliénor VivionAliénor VIVION
International Mobility Officer


Marianne FEYEUX
Civil Service Volunteer


Modified on 2 April 2020